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A big shout out to our Sponsors and Prize donors for making all this fun possible. Spinzilla simply would not happen without their support.

Below is a list of $25 drawing prize winners from our generous donors.  Prize winners are listed in alphabetical order in three categories: Spinzilla 2014 Champions, Monster Mile Club, and Random Prize Winners. The company providing the prize is next to the name in italics. If you are on the Monster Mile Club list, also check the random drawing list. Prizes were first picked from the 881 members of the 2014 Monster Mile Club.  Any prize winners were then put back in the general random prize drawing pool. Joining the Monster Mile Club gave you a bonus draw!

If you won a drawing prize, Andrea Marquis, Spinzilla’s Prize and Sponsorship Coordinator, will pass along your contact information to the prize don0r. If you don’t hear from the prize donor in the next couple of weeks, please contact Andrea at

Team Champion, Fancy Tiger, wins the Golden Niddy Noddy, and bragging rights for a year! Each team member wins a $25 gift certificate.

Golden Niddy Noddy

  • Rose Bloom Unicorn Fibre
  • Robert Bosscher Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Laura Chamberlain Gate City Yarns
  • Amber Corcoran Flying Fibers
  • Shawna Doering Quayside Publishing
  • Melanie Elson artUwear
  • Rebecca Fearn Three Fates Yarns
  • Lily Giddings Carolina Homespun
  • Miranda Harp Beesybee Fibers
  • Valerie Heiderich Frostfire Farm
  • Dawn Henderson Treenway Silks
  • Jaime Jennings Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Joanna Johnson Fancy Fibers
  • Laurel Johnson Mountain Meadow Wool
  • Jennifer Leonard Cotton Clouds
  • Lizz Lewis Meridian Jacobs
  • Jennifer Lieberman Gourmet Stash
  • Megan Mahaffey Into The Whirled
  • Pink Pitcher Lavender Sheep
  • Emily Platzer Natural Stitches
  • Susan Platzer Kromski North America
  • Dakota Stevens Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Sophie Sokolowski Through The Loops
  • Frank Wilmot Happy Fuzzy Yarn
  • Shannon Voth Yarn Hollow

Rogue Champion, Jane Sheetz, wins a Golden Mini Niddy Noddy, a gift basket,  a $25 Gift certificate from Mielke’s Fiber Arts, and bragging rights for a year!

Most Yards Spun, Tracy Hammond of Team Woolery, wins a Golden Mini Niddy Noddy, a gift basket, a $25 gift certificate from Mielke’s Fiber Arts, and bragging rights for a year!

Thanks to Yarn Hollow, Spin-Off, Dyeology, Unicorn Fibre Wash, and Mielke's Fiber Arts for donating goodies for the gift basket

Thanks to Yarn Hollow, Spin-Off, Dyeology, Unicorn Fibre Wash, and Mielke’s Fiber Arts for donating goodies for the gift basket

Monster Mile Club Drawing Prize Winners

  • France Archambault (Team Edgewood Garden) Kromski North America
  • Tamara Bills (Rogue spinner) Gourmet Stash
  • Karen Blumberg (Team Tippecanoe Spinners at Kay’s Place)  Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Janette Boas (Team Whole Nine Yarns) Carolina Homespun
  • Alexis Borsboom (Team Louet North America) Happy Fuzzy Yarn
  • Edee Buglione (Team Fancy Fibers) Cotton Clouds
  • Donna Cain (Team Knot Another Hat) Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Stephani Camp (Team Ply Magazine) Fancy Fibers
  • Grace Cave (Team Vegan Yarn) YarnSuperhero
  • Colette Charbonnea (Team Recycled Lamb) Gourmet Stash
  • Lili Christensen (Team Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins) Flying Fibers
  • Nancy Cisar (Team Village Wools) Kromski North America
  • Cathy Chow (Team Happy Fuzzy Yarn Spinners) Storey Publishing
  • Kate Davey (Team KnitGirllls) artUwear
  • Arnetta Davis (Team Uniquities Yarn Shop) YarnSuperhero
  • Lucy Defranco (Team Web-sters) Flying Fibers
  • Hazel Delcourt (Team Asheville Homecrafts Revolutionaries) YarnSuperhero
  • Helen Duffy (Team Yarn Hollow Nutty Coconuts) Cotton Clouds
  • Annabell Duncan (Team Yarnorama Ya Ya’s) Fancy Fibers 
  • Linda Eager (Team Angora Girls Fiber Arts Spintastics) YarnSuperhero
  • Annette Ehly (Team Flying Fibers Spindolls) Natural Stitches
  • Janette Elliott (Team Meridian Jacobs) Carolina Homespun
  • Melissa Emmel (Team Knotty Ladies & Yarntiques) Carolina Homespun
  • Laurie Farthing (Team WEBS) Kromski North America
  • Barbara Gaus (Team Team Dyed in the Wool/Natural Stitches) Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Judy Garren (Team SweetGeorgia Yarns) Story Publishing
  • Susan Golden (Team Nimblestix/Fistfull of Fiber) YarnSuperhero
  • Sara Greer (Team Spin-Off) artUwear
  • Laura Herriott (Team Hill Country Weavers) Flying Fibers
  • Jennifer Ingram (Team Woolery) YarnSuperhero
  • Autumn Hiscock (Team Kromski North America) YarnSuperhero
  • Majella Kerr (Team Yarn Tree Studio) Fancy Fibers
  • Robyn Miller (Team Gate City Yarns) Happy Fuzzy Yarns
  • Shauna Moore (Team Trading Post Spinners) Storey Publishing
  • Marla Morris (Team Fiberlay’s Freakishly Fast Treadlers) Fancy Fibers
  • Cindy Newhouse (Team Heritage Spinning) YarnSuperhero
  • Betty Paepke (Team Schacht) Storey Publishing
  • Suzanne Paquin (Team Darn Yarn Harmony Spinners) Carolina Homespun
  • Amanda Quintanilla (Team San Diego County Spinners) Happy Fuzzy Yarn
  • Allison Reagan (Team Foxglove Fibearts – Ashford USA) Gourmet Stash
  • Kristi Renshaw (Team Storey) Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Linda Ritz (Team MadWool) Heritage Spinning & Weaving
  • Stacey Rivera (Team Alpaca Direct) Storey Publishing
  • Donna Roulier (Team Ewe Knit It) Cotton Clouds
  • Linda Ross (Team Carolina Homespun) artUwear
  • Mirya Rule (Team Blazing Star Ranch Blazing Spindles) Flying Fibers
  • Jenny Rusch (Team Mielke’s Fiber Arts) Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Alicia Santiago (Team Cotton Clouds Cottontails) Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Linda Schweiger (Team Lucky Cat Craft) Flying Fibers
  • Gretchen Thomas (Team Mirkwood Spindles) Kromski North America
  • Carolyn Venhaus (Team Alaska Yarn Company) Happy Fuzzy Yarn
  • Zita Van der Meulen (Team Louet Holland) Gourmet Stash
  • Robin Ziperman (Team Serendipity Spinners) YarnSuperhero

 Random Prize Drawing Winners

  • Shirley Ammon (Team Heritage Spinners) Storey Publishing
  • Rosalind Bertrand (Team Tippecanoe Spinners at Kay’s Place) CJ Koho
  • Melinda Bilecki (Team Knotty Ladies & Yarntiques) CJ Koho
  • Frank Campbell (Team Serendipity Spinners) Gate City Yarns
  • Vicki Castro (Team KnitGirllls) Knitspot
  • Gail Chase (Team Flying Fibers Spindolls) Through The Loops
  • Lili Christensen (Team Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins) YarnSuperhero
  • Laura Cominetti (Team Yarn Hollow Nutty Coconuts) Cotton Clouds
  • Mary Crosby (Team MadWool) Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Lydia Dalton (Team Whole Nine Yarns) Cloudlover
  • Nelly DeVault (Team Trading Post Spinners) Flying Fibers
  • Kenna Draper (Team Edgewood Garden) Natural Stitches
  • Linda Eager (Team Angora Girls Fiber Arts Spintastics) Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Leslie Frid (Team Hill Country Weavers) YarnSuperhero
  • Sara Foster-Jarden (Team Mirkwood Spindles) YarnSuperhero
  • Kris Founds (Team Web-sters) Yarn Hollow
  • Wendy Gaal (Team San Diego County Spinners) The Recycled Lamb
  • Susan Golden (Team Nimblestix/Fistful of Fiber) Storey Publishing
  • Carlene Greene (Team Gate City Yarns) Gourmet Stash
  • Carolina Greenwood (Team Serendipity Spinners) Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Elizabeth Hatkins (Team Asheville Homecrafts Revolutionaries) Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Bobbi Hayward (Team Ply Mangazine) Fancy Fibers
  • Jennifer Heinlein (Team Foxglove Fiberarts – Ashford USA) Into The Whirled
  • Kym Hretz (Team Nimblestix/Fistful of Fiber) Kromski North America
  • Caroline Hockenberry (Team Uniquities Yarn Shop) artUwear
  • Robin Hoeflich (Team Spin-Off) Happy Fuzzy Yarns
  • Anita Jamieson (Team Vegan Yarn) YarnSuperhero
  • Gail Johnson (Team Kromski North America) Bricolage Studios
  • Patricia Jones (Team Lucky Cat Craft) artUwear
  • Jules Joy (Team Alaskan Yarn Company) Flying Fibers
  • Christopher Kale (Team Louet Holland) Knitspot
  • Sarah Keller (Team Knot Another Hat) Cloudlover
  • Amy Klotz (Team Meridian Jacobs) Carolina Homespun
  • Patty Krus (Team Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins) Gourmet Stash
  • Barbara Laidlaw (Team Storey) YarnSuperhero
  • Cindy Lair (Team Schacht) Yarn Hollow
  • Lynda Liptak (Team Village Wools) Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Anne LittleBird (Team Woolery) Kromski North America
  • Maureen Macedo (Team Ewe Knit It) The Recycled Lamb
  • Annie Mahoney (Rogue Spinner) Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • LaDonna Maxwell (Team Nimblestix/Fistfull of Fiber) Cotton Clouds
  • Rosemary Metcalf (Team Cotton Clouds Cottontails) Kromski North America
  • Hubert Mock (Team SweetGeorgia Yarns) YarnSuperhero
  • Jane Perilloux (Team Yarnorama Ya Ya’s) YarnSuperhero
  • Amber Pickelhaupt (Rogue Spinners) Happy Fuzzy Yarn
  • Donna Roulier (Team Ewe Knit It) Gourmet Stash
  • Jennifer Runion (Team Yarns by Design) YarnSuperhero
  • Jennifer Runyan (Team Recycled Lamb) Natural Stitches
  • Renee Samuelson (Team Angora Girls Fiber Arts Spintastics) The Recycled Lamb
  • Shana Santos (Team Happy Fuzzy Yarn Spinners) Happy Fuzzy Yarn
  • Carol Schuler (Team Yarns by Design) The Recycled Lamb
  • Kimberly Scott (Team Fiberlady’s Freakishly Fast Treadlers) Lavender Sheep
  • Bridget Sigler (Team Fancy Fibers) Yarn Hollow
  • Sarah Stevens (Team A Grand Yarn) Storey Publishing
  • Deborah Thibault (Team WEBS) Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Ingrid Thompson (Team Blazing Star Ranch Blazing Spindles) Carolina Homespun
  • Karin Traber (Team Alpaca Direct) artUwear
  • Rachel Valente (Team Yarn Tree Studio) Fancy Fibers
  • Jen Walker (Team Dyed in the Wool/Natural Stitches) Fancy Fibers
  • Diane Wilhoite (Team Village Wools) Carolina Homespun
  • Lynn Wilson (Team Mielke’s Fiber Arts) Jehovah Jireh Wool Mill
  • Michelle Wilson (Team Darn Yarn Harmony Spinners) Cotton Clouds

A monster “Thank you” to our sponsors!

Title Yak sponsors Schacht Spindle Company and The Woolery

Major Media sponsor Spin-Off Magazine

Supporting Bison sponsors, Louet and Mielke’s Fiber Arts

To see a complete list of all our sponsors, click here.

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