What to do with all that yarn you are about to make?

Spinzilla spinners you are about to make a lot of yarn, a WHOLE lot of yarn.  Have you given any thought to what you are going to make with all of it?

Constance Hall, Spinzilla’s team captain coordinator and Ravelry moderator, complied a list of free hat patterns that work well with handspun. Why not whip up a few hats with your Spinzilla yarn and donate them to your favorite charity? Or simply leave one on a local park bench with a note that says “From Spinzilla with love”?

The Charity Knitting Group on Ravelry keeps an active list of charities seeking handmade items. Hats 4 the Homeless will gladly accept any hat made from any fiber. Your donations are welcome and they will keep someone warm in the cold months ahead.

If you do make a few hats, pop on into our Ravelry thread and show off your donations. We will keep a running tally, showing the power of our spinning community.

picture collage


Regular Guy Beanie by Chuck Wright


Shanti Hat by Robyn Devine


Pixie Hat by John Mullarkey

Spinzilla registration is open until October 2.  Please join us for the big spin!

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