Wait there’s more! Prizes!

A MONSTER shout out to our Sponsors and Prize donors for making all this fun possible. Spinzilla simply would not happen without their support.

Each member of the 2015 Champion Team receives a $25 gift certificate and a Spinner Control Card with the Spinzilla logo on it. They are listed first. Below that is list of spinners who were selected at random for $25 drawing prizes from our generous donors. The list starts with Rogue spinners followed by a list of teams in alphabetical order and the team members who won a drawing prize. The company providing the prize is next to the winner’s name.

Half the prizes were drawn at random. The second half were drawn from those who qualified for the Monster Mile Club by spinning a mile or more, earning a second chance at winning a drawing prize! Drawing prize winners in the Monster Mile Club  have a sheep ? next to their name. This year nearly 60% of spinners spun more than a mile!

If you won a drawing prize, Andrea Marquis, Spinzilla’s Prize and Sponsorship Coordinator, will email the prize donor and copy you on that email. If you have questions email prizes@spinzilla.org.

Louet NA—2015 Team Champions!
Susanne Babcock—Frostfire Farm ?
Monica Bittner—Vegan Yarn ?
Alexis Borsboom—Alaskan Yarn Company ?
Laura Cameron—Kraemer Yarns ?
Michelle Chase—Heritage Spinning and Weaving ?
Daisy Chiovaro—Fiber Optic
Sarah Dupuis—Purlescence Yarns ?
Carol Edwards—YarnSuperhero ?
Elizabeth Farwell—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter—Purl & Loop ?
Tracy Hammond—knit spot ?
Joan Katz—Flying Fibers ?
Betsy Lange—Cotton Clouds ?
Julia Lawler—Native Acres ?
Katherine Maas—Kromski NA
Robin Maclulich—Fiber Felt n’ More ?
Lise McLeod—Macedo’s Mini Acre ?
Deborah Opramolla—Fancy Tiger ?
Deborah Roberts—Sweet Georgia Yarns ?
Lauren Sanchez—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Nancy Sandeman—PLY Magazine ?
Teresa Simmons—Carolina Homespun ?
Christina Wall—Maupston Design
Sharon Zelasko—Fancy Fibers ?
Melinda Zikursh—Meridian Jacobs

Rogue Spinners
Dixie Burkhart—Nature’s Yarns ?
Jennifer Conner—Fiber Optic ?
Andrew Jackson—Fiber Felt n More ?
Lynda Justus-Galbreath—Kraemer Yarns ?
Amy Leek—Handmade Hollows ?
Lisa Luft—PLY Magazine
Pamela Schultz—Fancy Fibers ?
Sarah Whittle—YarnSuperhero ?
Catherine Zindler—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?

Teams in Alpahetical Order

A Good Yarn PurlDiver
Norma Coupland—YarnSuperhero
Rachel Nichols—Kraemer Yarns ?
Mary Urquizo—Romney Ridge Farms ?
Nash Yankovish—Akerworks ?

A Yarn Crossing
Caysie Duey—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Ashley Eversole—Akerworks

Alaskan Yarn Company
Larraine Childress—Spun Sugar Yarn ?
Camilla Seifer—Akerworks
Eileen Wall—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?

Allons-y! Fiber Arts
Kimberly Beatty—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Jennifer Church—Cotton Clouds ?

Arizona Yarn & Fiber Wheel Warriors
Shannon Arns—Allons-y! Fiber Arts ?
Margaret Gleason—Crazy Sheep Ladies ?
Candy Stalker-Highsmith—Akerworks

Asheville NC Home Crafts Spinning Revolutionaries
Melanie Amadon—Cotton Clouds ?
Rachel Burnette—Greystone Homestead ?
Lorri Helms—Kraemer Yarns ?

Blazing Star Ranch’s Blazing Spindles
Jill Emmons—Natural Stitches ?
Staci Lockman—PLY Magazine ?
Mary Stever—Akerworks ?

Carolina Homespun
Doris Bergman—PLY Magazine
Jeanne Schmaltz—Kraemer Yarns
Reba Siero—Akerworks

Cotton Clouds’ Cotton Tails
Sue Cutter—JBroadway Creations ?
Jeannie Forsyth—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Roseann Mauroni—Akerworks

Cross Wind Spinners
Sandy Hellebrand—Kraemer Yarns ?
Kristi Lundgren—Knot Another Hat ?
Sarah Perkins—Cotton Clouds

Darn Yarn Harmony Spinners
Carol McFadden—Cross Wind Farm ?
Tina Shearer—YarnSuperhero ?
Rose Marie Smith—Akerworks

Edgewood Garden Studio
Wendy Bigler—Kraemer Yarns ?
Linda Dunlap—Cotton Clouds ?
Suzanne Hartman—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?

Espace Tricot
Deborah Coder—Akerworks ?
Leslie Ordal—PLY Magazine
Samantha Perreault—Sara Greer ?

Fancy Fibers
Lisa Conway—Natural Stitches
Erica Finch—Cross Wind Farm
Denise Royal—Cotton Clouds

Fancy Tiger
Miriam Felton—Akerworks ?
Valerie Heiderich—Heritage Spinning and Weaving ?
Shannon Voth—Trading Post for Fiber Arts ?

Fiber Optic Yarns
Robin Dunkin-Chadwick—Natural Stitches ?
Barb Heywood—Cotton Clouds

Flying Fibers Spindolls
Annette Ehly—Carolina Homespun ?
Christine Kutz—The Web-sters ?

Rainbow Greenwood—Cotton Clouds ?
Stacy Schulze—Trading Post for Fiber Arts ?

Frabjous Fibers Mad Wool Party
Sarah Easton—The Web-sters ?
Sandy Zern—Carolina Homespun

Hand Spinning News UK
Amanda Colson—YarnSuperhero ?
James Perry—Fiber Felt n’ More ?

Happy Ewe Fab Funky Fibers
Misty Meier—Yarnorama
Heidi Rezendes—Carolina Homespun

Happy Fuzzy Yarn
Heather DeLaPena—YarnSuperhero ?
Joanne Scollard—Cotton Clouds ?

Hedgehog Handworks GWW Spinners
Rebecca Duval—Carolina Homespun
Mary Montgomery—Yarnorama

Heritage Spinning and Weaving
Su Hatfield—Nature’s Yarns
Shirley Ammon—Carolina Homespun
Karen Sanders—Purl & Loop ?

Hill Country Weavers
Kennedy Berry—Kromski NA ?
Connie Laizure—Carolina Homespun

Leta Fett—Kromski NA ?
Amy Manko—Carolina Homespun ?
Kimberly Stubbs—Nature’s Yarns ?

Knot Another Hat
Kate Lew—Nature’s Yarns ?
Paula Webb—Cotton Clouds ?

Knotty Ladies and Yarntiques
Melinda Bilecki—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Connie Ferrell—Carolina Homespun
Jane Greer—Kromski NA

Carol Csengeri—YarnSuperhero ?
Joanne Evans—PLY Magazine ?
Margo McIntosh—Kromski NA ?

Kromski NA
Teresa Beck—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Stephanie D’Annibale—Flying Fibers ?
Janice Tarantino—Carolina Homespun ?

Madwool Spinners
Megan Death—Purlescence Design
Margaret Johnson—Maupston Design ?
Sandy Ryan—Heritage Spinning and Weaving

Maine Top Mill Spinners
Barbara Brewer—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Julianne Carle—Heritage Spinning and Weaving ?
Holly Janzen—Macedo’s Mini Acre ?

Maupston Jumbo Flyers
Elizabeth Cherry—Fancy Fibers ?
Evelyne Liebmann—Maine Top Mill
Kei Yamamoto—Purl & Loop ?

Medina Spinning and Weaving Guild
Claire Bourguet—Heritage Spinning and Weaving Guild ?
Vicky Bryg—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Janice Ludberg—YarnSuperhero ?

Meridian Jacobs
Helene Levenson—Purl & Loop ?
Erika Ripley—Mielke’s Fiber Arts ?
Mary Schaefer—Fancy Fibers ?

Mielke’s Fiber Arts
Amy Dressel—Heritage Spinning and Weaving ?
Liz Hainline—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Mary Zastrow—Fancy Fibers ?

Natural Stitches Spinning B*tches
Holly Conti—Fancy Fibers ?
Angie Held—Purl & Loop ?
Mona Syvertsen—Sweet Georgia Yarns ?

The Natural Twist
Lynda Liptak—Heritage Spinning and Weaving ?
Karen Rowell—Flying Fibers ?
Kay A Smith—Maine Top Mill ?

The Nature’s Yarns Splendid Spinners
Liz Francis—Purl & Loop ?
Thea Mallion—Maine Top Mill
Virginia McNitt—Flying Fibers

PLY Magazine
Deborah Freese—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Lori Seeger—Fancy Fiber ?
Jane Steeves—YarnSuperhero ?

Purl Yarn Handspinners
Amy Buchan—Nature’s Yarns
Joy Erickson—Purl & Loop
Jacquie Smith—Fancy Fibers

Purlescence Yarns Spinning Purls
Gail Buckley—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Courtney Frantz—Fancy Fibers
Deanna Taubman—Knot Another Hat ?

The Recycled Lamb
Patricia Mitchell—Nature’s Yarns ?
Donna Weathermon—Purl & Loop ?
Jane Wunder—Fancy Fibers ?

San Diego County Spinners
Sheena Mowrey—Heritage Spinning and Weaving ?
Susan Plack—The Recycled Lamb ?
Karen Ribby—Kraemer Yarns

Schacht Spindle Co Spinners
Stephanie Flynn-Sokolov—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Pam Mondry—Heritage Spinning and Weaving
Krysta Stine-Majors—Kraemer Yarns

Shuttles Spinners
Sharon Dalebout—Purl & Loop ?
Debi Dodge—Fiber Felt N More ?
Judy Newland—YarnSuperhero ?

Susan Blanding-Wilson—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Andrea Burke—Heritage Spinning and Weaving ?
Sara Greer—Kraemer Yarns ?

Storey Publishing Spinners
Michelle Boyd—YarnSuperhero
Suzi Hess—Maine Top Mill ?
Amy King—Purl & Loop ?

Sue’s Soft Stuff Stupendous Spinners
Lena Gustafsson—Fiber Felt N More ?
Jacqueline McClure—Fiber Optic ?
Lynne Rule—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?

SweetGeorgia Yarns
Judy Garren—PLY Magazine ?
Heather Hustoft—YarnSuperhero ?
Anita Lee—Alaskan Yarn Company ?

Three Oaks Knits Iowa Spinners
Marie Boyles—Maine Top Mill ?
Megan Lostroh—Flying Fibers ?
Mary Stichter—The Recycled Lamb ?

Trading Post Spinners
Angie Easterday—Flying Fibers ?
Nola Katinsky—Nature’s Yarns ?
Maggie Smith—Maine Top Mill ?

Vegan Yarn
Grace Cave—Fiber Felt N More ?
Judith Glibbery—PLY Magazine
Kristan MacIntyre—YarnSuperhero ?

Pamela Darrow—Nature’s Yarns ?
Pam Hiser—Maine Top Mill ?
Dolly Hurd—Fancy Tiger ?

Web-sters Handspinners
Bernadette Clueit—The Recycled Lamb ?
Elizabeth Elder—Fancy Tiger ?
Lucy DeFranco—Maine Top Mill ?

The Whole 9 Yarns
Christine Cardenas—Yarn Barn of Kansas ?
Jolie Elder—A Good Yarn Sarasota ?
Peyton Waggener—Flying Fibers ?

The Woolery
Jan DeShera—Nature’s Yarns ?
Jenny Ingram—Flying Fibers ?
Cat Tillotson—Maine Top Mill ?

Yarn Barn of Kansas Twisters
Pam Schwamb—A Good Yarn Sarasota
Kelly Peterson—Fancy Tiger ?
Laura Phillips—Flying Fibers

Yarn Boutique Lafayette
Marianne Adams—PLY Magazine ?
Deb Bouchard—YarnSuperhero
Maria Nieskens—Maine Top Mill ?

Yarn Hollow Nutty Coconuts
Rachael Hoekstra—Fancy Tiger
Linda Ritz—Carolina Homespun ?
Nancy Todd—YarnSuperhero ?

Yarn Store at Nob Hill
Tamara Cole—Flying Fibers
Jeannie Fagerstrom—YarnSuperhero

Yarn Tree Studio
Vicci Moore—Fancy Tiger ?
Jenn Myers—YarnSuperhero ?

Yarnology’s Twisted Sisters
Jennie Kaderabek—Fancy Tiger ?
Andee Fagan—Fiber Optic ?

Yarnorama Ya Ya’s
Dene Heffaker—Mountain Meadow Wool ?
Dianna Weaver—Fancy Tiger ?

Yarns By Design
Amy Golembeski—The Recycled Lamb ?
Grace Petersen—Fancy Tiger ?
Jean Pritchard—Nature’s Yarns ?

Zuzu Beans and Blue Moon’s Twisted Spinners
Patti Flynn—YarnSuperhero ?
Michele Franklin—PLY Magazine ?
Adrienne Munn—Fancy Tiger ?

? 2015 Monster Mile Member

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