‘Twas the Day Before Spinzilla

‘Twas the day before Spinzilla, when all through the house
all the creatures were whirring with nary a grouse.
The bobbins were emptied by the hearth, stacked and ready
Suzie Spinner’s nerves were all good and steady.

Wait, what’s that sound out on the lawn?
Why it is Sheepzilla singing a Sheepzilla song!

“On spinners, away ye shall go!
Spin yards upon yards of yarn and soon we will show,
spinners are made of some magnificent stuff.
We are lean, mighty, and so super tuff.

Is your wheel greased and sleek?
Is your spindle hung with care?
Are your bobbins all empty?
Is your fiber all there?
Have you stocked up on music, movies, and books?
Are the kids with the babysitters,
Dogs in their nooks?
Are there cooks standing by and masseurs at the ready?
Might you need a new mani-pedi?
Do you have lots of chocolate, wine, and some beer?
Get good and ready spinners, Spinzilla draws near!

One yard or plenty, it does not matter.
What matters is you spin
and your bobbins get fatter.
Spin for the win
Spin for the youth
Spin out in public or in a sound booth
Spin for a cap, socks, or sweater
Your spinning is guaranteed to get better and better!

Spinzilla is nigh, we’re so happy you’re here
To your wheels Spinzilla spinners
The time’s nearly here!”

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