Tips for Making a Photo Collage

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the requirements for your yarn submission photo. The intention of the photo is to document your Spinzilla spinning. Any photo will do. Please submit only ONE photo and limit the file size to 6MB or less. Photo collages, one file that combine individual photos into a group photo, are AOK.

Then if you are feeling ambitious you can style your yarn and enter it in our photo contest.

No matter how much yarn you spin during Spinzilla, every yard counts towards a big whopping number of yards. We as a spinning community have generated thousands of dollars for programs and materials that teach and support the spinners of tomorrow.

Here are a few tips from Rita Petteys on how to make a photo collage:

Right now, the Internet is flush with photos of gorgeous, colorful, amazing handspun yarn of all types – woolen, worsted, cotton, cellulose, spindle-spun, wheel-spun, charka-spun, plied, batts, braids, you name it! Spinners have been sharing their best work out on every social media platform, and copiously, too.

Here is some of Heather Mashburn’s pre Spinzilla fiber stash and some of her singles—she had a lot more as you will see!

Heather Mashburn's Spinzilla PileHAM Claw Tree Bobbins

You can show the life-cycle of your work by choosing from an array of free, on-line photo collage programs that will organize your photos and help you make one big photo collage. These applications can be very helpful and typically have a pretty fast ramp-up to proficiency.

Look around the internet by searching “online photo collage maker free” and inevitably some tech guru’s list will be in the results, listing 8-10 applications. Read the list, choose the one with the most graphically-pleasing-to-you interface, and “give it a spin!” One of my favorites, on-the-go, is – it’s free, on-line, platform-indepdendent (mac? PC? Android device? Ribbet doesn’t care!), is easy to use, and has loads of options.

Upload from your computer, from on line sources, where-ever you store your photos.
Upload from your computer, from on line sources, or where-ever you store your photos.

Ribbet collage Spinzilla

There are also photo managers built into lots of operating systems, or free software that you can download that will make collages, too – try out the options of your Mac system photo software, or try Picasa for a full-featured photo editor, manager, and collage maker. There are also loads of collage makers for smart phones.

Trying to make a collage of your new fiber photos could be a great break between bobbins during Spinzilla this week! Save your photos into the same place as you take them, on your smart phone, an internet cloud storage site, or on your computer; you’ll be able to access them easily and make a collage super-quick! And then share with us! This is also a great way to show your spun yarn to its best for the photo contests and yardage submissions.

K4-RITA_SU_C_^_SUNDAYRita Petteys is a three time Spinzilla team host, past chair of Spinzilla, and the owner of Yarn Hollow. She began dyeing yarn in her garage in Grandville, MI and selling it at the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market. Now her business resides in an industrial studio and she sells yarn and fiber to shops and customers throughout North America and overseas.


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