The Perfect Bag Pattern for Handspun!

Dorathy and the Windmill BagWhile teaching a class at the Kentucky Sheep and Wool festival, Team Captain Coordinator Constance Hall  spotted the perfect bag for handspun hanging from the chair of one of her spinning students.  Turns out her student, Dorathy Lachman, not only made the bag with handspun, but she made it with handspun spun during Spinzilla as a member of Team Woolery!

Dorathy used three different fibers, Coopworth she got from the Woolery and two varieties of of longer-stapled mystery fibers prepared by friend. She spun the singles during Spinzilla and then plied them after Spinzilla was over. (Many of you also had your own “plyzilla”.)

As part of the Woolery’s 2014 spring training, Dorathy spun Dorper from Louet’s 2013 Spinzilla Recovery Pack to use for the seams.  Dorper is a really interesting fiber—it is classified as a hair-sheep, however this sheep produces a softer undercoat that spins up well. It was the perfect fiber for sewing the side seams together and added a contrasting brown stripe between the other naturally-colored fibers.

The Windmill Bag is perfect pattern to feature handspun yarn.  The bag’s designer, Danielle LaFramboise, was inspired by a video game and hundreds of knitters have made their own versions of this quick knit.  Dorathy found the bag construction flexible enough to accommodate the fibers that felt differently. She modified the pattern only slightly, making it a little larger,  felting it so it would be sturdier, and adding handles and floral accent for fun!  She highly recommends this pattern for beginners, handspinners, and other folks looking for a stash busting project—making it the perfect Spinzilla pattern!  If you have some Spinzilla yarn left over, knit this pattern up and share it with us on our Ravelry group, Pinterest (use #spinzilla), or Facebook.

Blog Tour Announced

Team Spinzilla designed this year’s Blog Tour to help spinners prepare for the the BIG week ahead. We want to give you the tools to spin your heart out and then make something great with all that yarn! Starting in July, we will have two test bloggers a month until the big event. Kirsten Kapur is going to write about choosing the perfect patterns for handspun that, much like the windmill bag, aren’t reliant on gauge and show off handspun’s unique qualities. Kate Larson will answer the much asked “What fiber should I pick, and how much do I need?” Sara Lamb will tackle the subject of how to spin a lot of yarn in a short amount of time.  This year, Spinzilla is giving you credit for plying your yarn. Jacey Boggs will tackle how to ply like a pro, and finally Gale Zucker is joining in to talk about how to photograph your work.  The tour kicks off in July with Team Spinzilla.  See the website for the full schedule.  Let’s make some yarn, y’all!


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