The Golden Niddy Noddy Goes To . . .

 Team Fancy Tiger for the Win!



171,492.600 yards spun

Fancy Tiger fought an epic battle with the runner-up KnitGirllls, both spinning an amazing amount of yarn and being great ambassadors for the craft—spinning, like so many of you, wherever and whenever they got the chance. Read Fancy Tiger’s blog post to learn how they did it while having the most fun ever!

Rogue Champion

Jane Sheetz

13,747 yards spun

Jane sets a new Rogue record, barely topping last year’s rogue winner Terresa Lawson yardage for the title.


2014 Rogue Spinner Winner's Yarn

 Most Yards Spun

Tracy Hammond of Team Woolery

30,830.76 yards

In a nail biter, Tracy just eked out a victory over last year’s top spinner Cheryl Newhouse, a close second, with Sultana Charania nipping at both their heels. All three spinning a jaw dropping 30,000+ yards!


Tracy Hammond Team Woolery Most Yards Spun!


Top Ten Teams of 2014

Team Fancy Tiger                                 171,492.600

Team KnitGirllls                                   170,690.980

Team Louet North America              156,852.920

Team Knot Another Hat                    132,205.000

Team Ply                                                  128,199.000

Team Woolery                                        121,710.260

Team Carolina Homespun               121,493.000

Team Recycled Lamb                          112,231.870

Team Mielke’s Fiber Arts                 102,287.570

Team Edgewood Garden Studio         96,164.77

Top Five Spinners

Tracy Hammond, Team Woolery                           30,830.76

Cheryl Newhouse, Team Knot Another Hat         30,723

Sultana Charania, Team Carolina Homespun     30,437

Alex Borsboom, Team Louet North America       26,384

Monica Bittner, Team Louet North America        25,854

Top Five Rogue Spinners

Jane Sheetz              13,747

Penelope Lister      13,704

Dawnie Roberts        9,450

Shannon Mathers   9,010.5

Pamela Shelmidine  7,436

Collectively Spinzilla spinners spun 3,983,286.18  yards of yarn and raised over $13,000 for the spinners of tomorrow.  881 spinners joined the Monster Mile Club! We heard from so many of you that you spun far more than you thought you could and that your spinning skills got better. Thank you for your participation and your good cheer.  Here is what just of a few of you had to say

“As someone who’s only been spinning for eight months, Spinzilla seemed like a bit of a crazy idea . . . but I’m so pleased with how I did.” –Katrina S

“Wasn’t that a lot of fun! I had a great time and ended exhausted like the rest of us . . . It didn’t matter how much you spun, the important thing was participating round the world.”–Carol E

“Truly the best yarn I’ve ever spun! Six days of nonstop spinning will make you better.” –Michelle S

On Wednesday, October 22, we will release the list of prize winners and send out the Photo Contest finalists for voting.  We will update the results page with the Top Twenty Five teams and yardage spun by country. Also look to your inbox for a link to a survey to get your feedback on the event.  Stay tuned! The fun has not yet come to an end!

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