Spin Rogue


Go Rogue

Rogue spinners register as an individual spinner and spin unaffiliated from a team.

2013 Rogue Winner's YarnThey compete against other Rogue spinners for top spinner in their group. You could say that Rogue spinners form the largest team in the competition! Think of it as going it alone, together.

This is a great option if you want to spin during Spinzilla, but the only person you want to challenge is yourself!

The Rogue Spinner that spins the most yarn during Spinzilla wins a small gilded niddy noddy in a gift basket. All Rogue spinners are entered into the random prize pool for all registered spinners.

Rogue spinners have their own thread on our Ravelry page, which is a great place to meet up, share your spinning plans, or ask questions.

Our first Rouge champion, Terresa Lawson, had to say about going Rogue, “I decided to spin Rogue because I am woefully disorganized, and new demands pop into my life frequently.  By the time I saw my way clear to a time of devoted spinning, teams were full, and their deadlines had passed.   I was also traveling and interpreting at a historic site two states away, so meeting with a spinning group was problematic. ”  Terresa ended up spinning a whopping 13,106 yards of yarn. (see photo above)!

For information on how to submit your 2016 Rogue Yardage, visit http://www.spinzilla.org/yardage-submission-form-example/