Spinzilla’s Summer Reading Program: Follow The Blog Tour!

Spinzilla has two goals. One is to encourage you to spin like mad without a care in the world for an entire week. The other is to help you develop monster spinning skills. Spinzilla’s 2014 blog tour will help you with both.  From picking a pattern to photographing your work, these four spinners and one photographer/craft activist will help you make your spinning life better.  We think of it as Spinzilla’s summer reading program.  The tour starts Tuesday, July 22.

Meet this year’s tour contributors.


Kristen KapaurKirsten Kapur  kicks off this year’s tour on her blog Through The Loops, by giving you some advice on how to pick a pattern for handspun.  Kirsten is a popular knitwear designer who spins for fun and relaxation.  You have probably seen many of her designs in your favorite knitting magazines or on Ravelry. To spin for a purpose, you don’t have to make the yarn exactly as the pattern calls for; the trick is to pick a pattern that will easily adapt to a variety of yarns. Kirsten will share with you her tips for spotting the perfect pattern for handspun.

Kate LarsonKate Larson lives a fully realized spinner’s life, raising her Border Leicester sheep on the farm where her family has lived for six generations. Spinners who follow her blog get a glimpse into what it is like to live with sheep day in and day out. Kate has a degree in environmental soil chemistry, and she uses fiber arts as a bridge between her love of art and agriculture.  Before settling on the farm, she traveled in Northern Europe in search of the textile traditions she holds dear. She manages the Spinner’s Connection blog for spinningdaily.com.  Kate will write about how to select fiber for a particular project and how to determine how much fiber is “enough.”

Sara Lamb.jpgSara Lamb honed her production skills by spinning for weaving.  She is known for her love of folk weaving techniques such as pile and her lovely silk cloth made from her handdyed handspun. Her studio is housed in a yurt in the backyard of her Northern California home.  She has written two books on weaving including Spin To Weave and Woven Treasures and has a new spinning book, The Practical Guide to Spinning Silk. Sara will write about how to make the most of your spinning time, even if it is limited. She blogs regularly at Woven Thoughts, where you can follow her quest to sew the perfect handwoven bag and weave bedspreads.

Jacey Boggs sized 150Jacey Boggs is the founder of Ply, a new magazine for hand spinners.  New to this year’s competition is the ability to get credit for your plying time. (Read more about this on the Spinzilla website.) We thought “who better to talk about plying, than Jacey? ” Known for her sculptural art yarns, as seen in her book Spin Art, Jacey offered this spinning advice to last year’s spinners, “In my opinion, the key to winning the trophy is well-prepped rolags and a good long draw. I always find thinner spinning faster, plus it decreases the number of times you have to stop and change bobbins or skein off.  Also, you might underestimate your speed, so be sure to have enough fiber on hand or a credit card at the ready for emergency fiber replenishment!”  She will be back for more with tips for plying that won’t slow you down!

galezucker_Gale Zucker’s blog She Shoots Sheep Shots is a pun that any spinner can appreciate!  Gale is an outstanding photographer, knitter, and promoter of the DIY lifestyle.  Her book, Craft Activism, embraces the community side of crafting.  An important way that we create community is by sharing our work—even when we live far apart.  Photographs help us do that. Gale will give you tips on how to photograph your yarn to show its best side. (You can see last year’s Spinzilla yarn in all its glory on our Pinterest Page.)

To see the complete schedule and get the latest links to the posts visit the Spinzilla website. We also blog regularly on the Spinzilla blog to give you more tips for making the most of your spinning time. You can sign up to the Spinzilla blog post delivered right to your inbox on our homepage.

Enjoy your summer!


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