Spinner Registration Now Open!

Spin for the Win!

Team Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in training!

10. If your family or non spinning friends complain that you are spending too much time with your wheel you can say you are in training.


9. You have the perfect reason to take a class or workshop or buy new tools such as big bobbins, new jumbo flyer, bobbin winder, and storage bobbins—all important when spinning large amount of yarn.


8. Win prizes and glory for your team or yourself!


7. Throw a party! Gather with other Spinzilla spinners and do your favorite things: eat, drink, spin, and share enlightened conversation (or talk trash).


6. Treat yourself to audio book, watch that newly released series from beginning to end, and buy some new tunes to keep your brain occupied while your body does the work.


5. You are an athlete. Take care of your body with shoulder and neck massages for those spinning muscles and pedicures for those hardworking feet.


4. When you spin great ideas pop into your head. Who knows, you may solve the next global crisis.


3. You can ignore all chores, obligations, and people for an entire week.


2. By spinning lots of yarn you will push past your fears.


1. Raise money for the Needlearts Mentoring Program (NAMP) to create the spinners of tomorrow!


Registration is now open!  Click here to sign up for a team! Click here to go rogue!

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