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TNNA Trade ShowTeam Spinzilla is prepping for the Winter 2015 The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) show in sunny Phoenix, January 10 – 15.  TNNA caters to independently-owned specialty needlearts shops. It is an important forum for the retail and wholesale community as well as for teachers, designers, and other industry service providers—this is where your yarn shop goes to shop! (It’s a shop owner’s Rhinebeck.)

The Spinning and Weaving Group (SWG)—who is responsible Spinzilla—is a product segment group that advocates for spinning and weaving within this specialized trade group serving knitters, crocheters, stitchers, spinners, weavers, and felters.

Spinning and Weaving Lounge

SWG is hosting a Spinning and Weaving Lounge at booth #452 and 454.   We will have goodie bags full of spinning and weaving product samples and show-only market specials from our SWG wholesale members.  You can stop by to learn more about our Teachers Directory, pick up a Spinning and Weaving Supplier’s guide, update your SWG membership, and find out more about  hosting a team or sponsoring Spinzilla 2015.

Can’t Be There In Person? Join Us in Spirit!

Bow garlandTo embody the spirit of Spinzilla, we would like to put together a Spinzilla spinners garland made of handspun bows.   Here is how to participate:

Heidi at Sew.Craft.Create designed a very simple clever garland made of little yarn bows.  (Note: Sew.Craft.Create’s site is down.  See tutorial below for how to make the bows.)

To participate all you need to do is make a bow (or two or three) out of your Spinzilla handspun and send it to Liz Gipson, 109 Grant St., Socorro, New Mexico 87801.  Please include the name of your team or if you spun rogue and a short sentence about why you participated in Spinzilla.  We need to receive the bows by January 5th.  The garland will be used in our photo booth at TNNA and for other Spinzilla promotions. If you hosted a team, sponsored Spinzilla, or happen to be at TNNA, stop by and tell us why you love to make yarn and get your picture taken with Sheepzilla.

All the best to you and yours during the holiday season.


Liz Gipson, Spinzilla Marketing Coordinator

PS—Looks like Sew.Craft.Create is temporarily down.  Since I’m in the middle of making my bows I thought I’d show you how I make my bows and give handspinners a few tips:

I’m using a DK weight worsted spun yarn.  I started by laying the yarn over my index and middle fingers spread about a finger’s width apart, leaving about a 4-inch tail.  If your yarn is on the finer side you may want to decrease this space slightly so your bow isn’t floppy.


I then wrapped the yarn around my two fingers about 8 times.  If your yarn is finer it may take more wraps.

photo 13

I slipped the yarn off my fingers, and then wrapped the working yarn around the middle of the yarn loops.

photo 1

You want to snug the working yarn super tight around the middle of the yarn loops, being sure to create two even blooms on either end of the bow. This can be a bit fiddly, so you may have to play around with your placement a bit.

photo 12

Continuing wrapping the working yarn around the middle until you have a pleasing bow. It took me about five  warps .  Depending on the size of the yarn, it may take you more or less wraps. Cut the working yarn, leaving about a 4-inch tail.  Tie the two yarn ends together snuggle in a square knot—two overhand knows as shown here.

photo 8

Using a tapestry needle, bring each yarn end under the middle wraps.

photo 4

Trim the ends.

photo 2

If you have a fray blocker place just a dab on the knot to keep it from raveling.


My finished bow!

photo 1

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