Sage Advice for Getting Ready for Spinzilla

Break in case of emergency

Constance Hall is ready, are you?

The first rule of Spinzilla is FUN.  This is your week to spin; enjoy it in the company of the hundreds of other spinners that are spinning along with you.  Every yard adds up to that big impressive number that makes the yarn world, and beyond, take note.  We are handspinners, here us raarrroowrrrr.

Here is some sage advice on how to get ready for the big spin from a few experienced Spinzilla spinners:

Get Ready. . .Or How I learned the hard way that I wasn’t by Andrea Mielke Schroer

Five things not to do during Spinzilla by Constance Hall

Seven Suggestions for Savvy Spinzilla Spinners from your friends at Schacht Spindle.

What Spinzilla Did for Me: One Spinner’s Perspective by Andrea Marquis

Creating a Yarn Vision by Jillian Moreno from 2013 Blog Tour (Note: Dates are from our first year.)

As a bonus, we are throwing in this great video from Richard Ashford on good posture for spinning. Don’t forget to take lots of breaks and stretch!

If you haven’t signed up for Spinzilla, now is the time. Visit our Teams of Awesomeness page to find your perfect fit today, or if you still aren’t convinced,check out Constance Hall’s post 5 really good reasons why you should sign up for a team.

Happy Spinning!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spinzilla Planning Team Committee

Constance Hall, Team Captain Coordinator and Ravelry Moderator
Andrea Marquis, Prize and Sponsorship Coordinator
Liz Good, Logistical Support

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