Measuring, Photographing, and Submitting Your Spinzilla Yarn

Suzie Spinner 1,170 LRIn one short week, spinner registration closes and three days later spinning begins! We still need 300+ spinners to fill all our wonderful teams. Visit our Teams Wanting Spinners thread on Ravelry to find your dream team. To see the latest registration stats check out this blog post.

Before we begin, let’s talk a little bit about the end. Here is the scoop on measuring, photographing, and submitting your yarn.

Measuring Your Yarn

Spinzilla is a great way to master your measuring skills. You may be anxious about measuring your yarn. Take a deep breath, relax, and do your best. Part of the purpose of Spinzilla is to help you tackle new spinning challenges and build your skills.

When measuring, use a method that works for you and that will give you the best results. Keep in mind that all yarn must be spun during Spinzilla and only by the person submitting the yardage.

For more information about measuring your yarn, refer to the Measuring Yarn post on Spinning Daily (note the submission information is from 2013) or Finishing Your Yarn by Lee Juvan on Knittyspin. If you have a question that you can’t find answers for, jump on the “Questions” thread of our Ravelry forum.

If you are using a niddy noddy here is a handy tracking sheet that you may use.

Plying Credit

Plied yarn is easier to measure than singles. If you are plying your yarn, you get credit for the plying time.  Plying is absolutely optional.

The plying formula works like this:

[plied yardage] + [plied yardage x # of plies] = yardage for which you can claim credit

We go over the plying credit in detail in our Can I Ply? FAQ on the website.


Part of claiming credit for your Spinzilla yardage is to include a documentation photo of your yarn.  This can be as simple as piling all your yarn all on the floor and taking a quick snap with your phone.

Here are some links to tips on taking photos of your yarn:

Tips for Making a Photo Collage by Rita Petteys

Photo Tips from Gale Zucker from the 2014 Blog Tour (note the dates are from 2014)

Flash Your Stash tips for photographing your yarn and sharing on Pinterest

If you feel like getting more creative think about styling your yarn in an interesting way and entering our photo contest!

Spinzilla now has an Instagram account.  If you are sharing your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest use the hashtag #spinzilla2015 so we can all see them!

Submitting Your Yarn

Spinning ends at 11:59 pm on Oct.11. Submit your yardage total in yards and round up to the nearest yard.

Team Spinners
You will submit your yardage and documentation photo directly to your team captain. Spinning ends at 11:59 pm on Oct.11. Please get your yardage and documentation photo to your captain as soon as possible after spinning has ended.

He or she will submit this information on your behalf to Spinzilla. They must do so by Wednesday, October 14 so getting your results in early will help them help you. If you have questions about when to submit your yarn to your captain, please contact them directly.

Rogue Spinners
You will be submitting your information directly to Spinzilla.  Chick here for more information.

We are so thrilled that you are spinning with us this year and if you haven’t signed up yet DO IT NOW!  Your stash will thank you.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spinzilla Planning Team Committee

Constance Hall, Team Captain Coordinator and Ravelry Moderator
Andrea Marquis, Prize and Sponsorship Coordinator
Liz Good, Logistical and Marketing Support
Liz Gipson, Marketing and Communications

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