Living the Dream: Why We Love Our Sponsors!

Meet Our Title Sponsors

A monster thank you to our title sponsors. For a complete list of all our sponsors, visit

We all enter Spinzilla year two with a bit more knowledge, experience, and dare we say swagger.  We now know how much yarn we as a community are capable of making in a short period of time, and we look forward to continuing to wow the yarn universe with our yarn-making prowess. Team registration is open until July 5th.  As teams sign up we will add them to the website and on our Ravelry page.

Spinzilla is run by a small but mighty team. In order maintain the event’s momentum, we needed to find a way to generate an operating budget without dipping into the team registration fees and the good work they are doing for the NeedleArts Mentoring Program.  Taking a leap, we asked the spinning business community if they would be willing to give us a budget through sponsorships. They responded with vigor!

Here is the thing we love about our sponsors:  They did what many of us dream of—started with a small idea and grew it into a thriving business.

Barry Schacht and his brother started making spindles after a visit to Greentree Ranch.  During a quick spindle spinning lesson, the brothers struck up a conversation with the owners—for those of you that know Barry this comes as no surprise—and soon enough they had a commission to make 200 spindles! Spin-Off, was a spin-off publication of Interweave, a broadsheet for fiber enthusiasts started by Linda Ligon who saw a need for more literature in the fiber world. The Woolery was started as a farm store by a couple of sheep farmers—who hasn’t wanted to live that dream?  These business are all now well established in the spinning world. A quick look at our full roster of sponsors highlights many other established business as well as relative newcomers that are following their own entrepreneurial dream.

Entrepreneurs are very important to the spinning community.  We need suppliers that are are dedicated to our very enthusiastic, niche market so that spinners can easily find the fiber and artisan-quality tools that we need to make yarn. As we draw closer to the event, we are going to draw on their incredible wealth of expertise to help you get ready to spin your heart out.  Many of our sponsors will also offer official Spinzilla specials and promotions.  Most of them hosted teams last year and you will see them back in the team lineup again this year.

Welcome, sponsors of 2014.  We are very lucky to have you.  We are still looking for a few more prize sponsors. If you are interested in becoming an prize sponsor, please contact Andrea Marquis at

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