Get to know Web-sters, Happy Fuzzy Yarns, Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins, Trading Post for Fiber, and Zuzubeans Fibers

Spinzilla spinner registration opens September 1. Constance Hall, Spinzilla’s team captain coordinator, asked each registered team to date five simple questions. We are sharing their answers with you during the weeks leading up to the opening of spinner registration. Five teams will be featured each week in the order that we received the answers. You can see the two previous posts (here and here) with our first ten team profiles.

Team Websters

The Web-sters, Handspinners, Weavers & Knitters just celebrated our thirty-first year in business in Ashland, Oregon. It’s been a wonderful journey and we have grown from a small space into a very large, open, and organized business that sells fibers, wheels, and yarn. We have a strong Art to Wear clientele.

This is our third year participating in Spinzilla, and we are excited! We had twenty-one great spinners last year, and are looking forward to having a full twenty-five this year. We will have a few get-togethers in the shop (we plan to take more photos than we have the past two years) and we hope to have some more long-distance spinners.

Spinzilla is a great way to focus on the amazing fibers that are available and to gather spinning friends while supporting a great cause. I personally spin because I love color! It’s magic to see the color blending that happens, especially in plied yarns.

—Kris Founds

Team Happy Fuzzy Yarns Spinners

Happy Fuzzy Yarns
Happy Fuzzy Yarn is an independent dyer of yarn and fiber based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We has been a part of Spinzilla, as a team and a sponsor, since it began three years ago.

Our team is largely a virtual group, although some of us who are local to each other get together to spin in solidarity for the team. This year, we’re looking at offering some skill building classes in the months leading up to Spinzilla and during the week of October 5–11, we’d like to have some spin-ins and other special events to get people together.

We spin because we love wool and it is one of the purest ways to bring together color and crimp!

—Carol Ullman

Team Shuttles Spinners

Shuttles Spinzila and Skeins

Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins is a shop based in Boulder, Colorado. Teaching is our first love and our classes include weaving, spinning, knitting, crochet, basketry and more. We are celebrating our twenty-third birthday in September!

This is our third Spinzilla and we know this one will be even more fun than the previous two. Our team is mostly local, but we welcome anyone who wants to join.

Most of our team members attend our Spin In/Knit In group. Participating in Spinzilla has produced amazing camaraderie by working towards a common goal. It  has brought us together in a lovely way. This enthusiasm lasts all year long and while spinning the most yards is the focus during Spinzilla, the rest of the time there is lots of learning and sharing.

Last year most of our spinners met the mile goal. I think they will try to get even further this year. We will have meetings at the shop in September so team members can use carders and combs to get ready and build enthusiasm.

I can’t imagine not spinning. Trying to design the perfect yarn for a project and then knitting or weaving that yarn gives me so much pleasure—and no calories!

—Maggie Casey

Team Trading Post Spinners

Trading Post for The Fiber Arts
The Trading Post has been in business nearly ten years. We are located on a llama and alpaca farm just outside of Pendleton, Indiana. This will be our second year competing in Spinzilla.

Our team will meet several times before and during the competition to plan and practice. Kate Larson, the author of a new book from Interweave, Wool: The Practical Spinner’s Guide, will facilitate some of our spinning sessions and we will be led and championed by Team Captain Nelly DeVault. We are going to kick off with a swim and spin party very soon!

Spinzilla is a fun event that encourages friendly competition and it gets people back into the habit of spinning. We have fun getting together with food and sometimes adult beverages!

I spin so I don’t kill people (wry grin). I have been a fiber person since I was seven years old and spinning is just a natural progression of my enjoyment of making things. I love the beauty of creating a unique yarn that cannot be purchased. All of the lovely fibers available and the amazing dyeing that is being done creates many opportunities for beautiful yarn, and yarn is my end product!

—Susan Markle

Team Zuzu Beans Fibers


Zuzu Beans Fibers started about six years ago. At that time I was making crochet and knitted newborn photo props such as hats, blankets, and pants. I was tired of buying yarn, and I had seen beautiful handspun yarn used in other photos props. I figured why not learn to spin? I fell hard through the fiber rabbit hole, and very quickly started buying fleeces, roving, hand dyeing supplies, combs, carders, and whatever else I could get my hands on. I started a lanolin body product line because I love all the benefits of lanolin. My big thing is that spin mostly in the grease.

I heard about Spinzilla last year, but had just given birth to my second son and couldn’t pull a team together. I’m SUPER excited to join this year! Most of our members will be spinners who met in the Spin in the Grease Facebook Group, where we discuss he benefits and techniques of spinning in the grease. Some of the members will be spinning in the grease. Spinzilla is a great forum to show the world how great that process that can be. Spinners long ago never washed fleeces, only used the most pristine parts and had durable waterproof wearables! It’s really a lost art. 

I absolutely LOVE the opportunity to create something that you (or anyone) can wear or use that was once just growing on another living being or from roving that I hand dyed into amazing colors to spin and wear.

—Mandy Polerecky

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