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Spinzilla spinner registration opens September 1. Constance Hall, Spinzilla’s team captain coordinator, asked each registered team five simple questions. We are sharing their answers with you during the weeks leading up to the opening of spinner registration. Five teams will be featured each week in the order that we received the answers. You can see the four previous posts (herehere, here, and here) with our first twenty team profiles. Team registration closes August 17. There is only a few weeks left to get your team registered!

Team UK Hand Spinning News


Hand Spinning News shiela

Hand Spinning News is located in the midlands of the United Kingdom. I’ve have been selling spinning equipment online and compiling spinning news for about five years. I was so pleased that Spinzilla opened up to spinners worldwide last year, and I spun rogue. It was a shame that there wasn’t a UK team, so this year I decided to take that on!

I like the charity aspect of Spinzilla. Introducing young people to crafts is so important. I equally like the challenge of spinning as much as possible in a week. Team UK Hand Spinning News will largely be UK spinners. There has been some talk of a meet but it’s more likely to be virtual.

I think there’s creativity in all of us—a natural need to make things with our hands. I’m fascinated by the process of harvesting an amorphous natural material, turning it into a one-dimensional object (yarn) and then into a three dimensional object (garment), which is both very practical and aesthetic.

—Shelia Dixon

Team Purl Yarn Boutique Handspinners


Purl Yarn Boutique is in Billings, Montana. We are in our fifth year of business and this is our first Spinzilla! Tammy Jordan of the Prairie Handspinners Guild asked if I would be interested in sponsoring a team this year, and I was honored she thought of me.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to back up this group of amazing spinners. Spinners for the team are welcome to spin here anytime! I don’t spin; but I have full admiration and support for those who do!

—Ren Dschaak

Team Cotton Clouds’s Cotton Tails


Cotton Clouds has been selling quality cotton spinning and weaving fibers for thirty-six years! Basked in Arizona cotton country, we’ve been on-board with Spinzilla from day one! Cotton Clouds started out as a mail order business and now lives on the internet as do all our team members! It’s been great connecting with of the team via Ravelry, since this is our main means of communicating our love of spinning cotton to each other. Many of the team members have spun with us multiple years.

I started my business because I love to spin cotton. I knew that if other spinners joined our Spinzilla team and spun for a solid week, they too would find the joy in cotton spinnning. (You don’t have to spin cotton to join our team, but most of us do and we encourage it.)

We have FUN with lots of good laughs and advice on spinning in general and cotton in particular. Cotton Clouds also provides each team member with a “Goodie Bag” of spinning fibers, refreshments (coffee candy), hand lotion and other surprises to keep them happy and spinning throughout Spinzilla!

I am a past president of the Spinning and Weaving Group (previously known as the Spinning and Weaving Association). My heart will always be in whatever this group does, and I will continue to support their efforts of promoting spinning worldwide.

I spin to relax, to meditate and to remember all the wonderful people who have supported me both in my business and my life: Harry and Olive Linder who were my first cotton spinning mentors; The Mannings where I took my first advanced spinning class; Joan Ruane who has fine-tuned my skills in cotton spinning; Richard Ashford for his knowledge of spinning wheels and how to make mine hum; and Susan Druiding of Crystal Palace Yarns, who over thirty-six years ago showed me that I could make my hobby into a business.

—Irene Schmoller

Team Louet North America


Sheepzilla and Dave
Louet North America is a family-owned business that has been in operation for thirty-two years. We are excited to return for our third Spinzilla! Louet is located in Prescott, Ontario, but our team is comprised of members throughout the US and Canada.
We have been a part of Spinzilla since the start and enjoy supporting the community of spinners with our sponsorship. It’s a really fun way to connect with other fiber enthusiasts by engaging in a little friendly competition for the Golden Niddy Noddy.

We’ve been told many times that we spoil our team members with awesome prizes! Last year, we gave out prizes for various category such as spinning the most yardage, most creative spinning location, and more (you can see all of last year’s awards here). We also enjoy a lively discussion in the group thread, and in the months leading up to Spinzilla we are releasing special fiber packs to help spinners practice their technique with a variety of fibers and build up their stash for a Monster of a Spinning Week!

Dave and Pam Van Stralen spin because it’s fun and relaxing, and they were lucky enough to have learned from a great fiber artist, the late great Trudy Van Stralen (Dave’s mother).

—Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter

Team Storey


Storey Team Captains

Storey Publishing creates practical information that encourages personal independence including fiber books on knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and other craft topics. We [Jillian Moreno and Beth Smith] will captain the team this year.  Both of us have been spinning for ages, and we are both Storey authors. We have participated in Spinzilla since the beginning, and this is the first time that we will be in a position to make it as fun as possible for all of our teammates.

We both live in Michigan and maybe a third of our team is here, too. Part of the team is in North Adams, Massachusetts, where the Storey offices are located, and the rest virtual. There will be spin-ins, both in person in Michigan and Massachusetts and virtually so the whole team can play!

Spinzilla is fun and silly, and it’s a great reason to try new things. It’s important for spinners to push themselves even a little bit to find out that they are capable of much more than they think they are. Plus it’s fun to have a little healthy competition. Since Beth isn’t much for sports teams this is her alternative. Jillian’s family is big into sports, so Spinzilla is her fun time. We will be laughing a lot and I hope that we can make that laughter spread out over the whole team, even if we aren’t in the same room. There will be daily prizes, and more than daily check-ins and cheer-ons in our Ravelry group and Beth and Jillian’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Beth: I spin because I can’t stop. I was originally a serial crafter. I just moved from one craft to another. When I felt like I knew how to do the techniques, I would go find something new to learn. Now it’s been about 15 years and I haven’t run out of things to learn or experiments I want to try in the world of handspinning. I have lists and lists of projects I want to do. I can’t stop.

Jillian: I’m with Beth, I have yet to get bored with it! One thing leads to another, and I’m especially enthralled with color. I can’t stop experimenting. I love how it integrates with other fiber crafts. I spin for knitting and stitching and I’m starting to spin for crochet and weaving. No two days of spinning are the same.

—Beth Smith and Jillian Moreno

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