Get to know Team Natural Twist, Yarnology’s Twisted Sisters, Natural Stitches Spinning B*tches, A Yarn Crossing, and Allons-y fiber arts

Constance Hall, Spinzilla’s team captain coordinator, asked each registered team five simple questions. We are sharing their answers with you during the weeks leading up to the opening of spinner registration. Five teams will be featured each week in the order that we received the answers. You can see the six previous posts herehereherehere, here, and here.  Team registration closes NEXT MONDAY, August 17. Spinzilla spinner registration opens September 1!

Team Natural Twist

Natural Twist

The Natural Twist started in the mid 1980s from my sheep ranch where I also sold spinning equipment in the North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I reorganized the business in 2007 when I started the fiber mill.

This is my first Spinzilla. One huge reason I got involved was a group of very enthusiastic spinners needed a sponsor. I was thrilled at the idea as I have heard about Spinzilla.

The team will hold “spin-ins” in many location as well as at the mill and virtually for those who can’t get together. Spinners can expect first and foremost to have fun. Spinning together with a common goal is a great way to spend time with people who enjoy the same activity. I think we will also be able to impress, educate, and bring some others into our flock during our public spinning get-togethers.

I learned to spin in 1969 and it is still as magical today as it was then! Another reason I spin is that spinning is a global endeavor; it connects me with people all over the world—an important aspect of Spinzilla.

—Ruth Baldwin

Team Yarnology’s Twisted Sisters

Yarnology has called the charming college town of Winona, Minnesota, home for the past five years. We are partnering with a local fiber farm, Three Sisters Farm & Fiber, to bring you Yarnology’s Twisted Sisters Spinzilla 2015 team! The Three Sisters farm owner is also a Yarnologist and one of our resident spinners and fiber enthusiasts.

Our community has a growing interest in spinning and we want to support the fiber arts. This is our first year sponsoring a team and we are excited to be part of the amazing energy that is Spinzilla.

Yarnology’s Twisted Sisters team is physically located in Minnesota and enthusiastically welcomes local, regional, and virtual spinners. We will spin anywhere and everywhere we can, including at the shop as well as a few local cafes. We will also spin in the barn at Three Sisters Farm & Fiber for the annual Sheep and Fiber Farm Tour.

Spinning is peaceful and hypnotic. It connects us to our past and to fiber in its purest form. There’s nothing like the feel of a wonderful fiber flowing through your fingertips and the satisfaction of watching your bobbin fill with beautiful yarn.

—Lisa Hanesworth

Team Natural Stitches Spinning B*tches

Natural Stitches
Natural Stitches

is approaching our eighth anniversary. Located in the dynamic East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s East End, we offer a diverse selection of yarns, needles, hooks, notions, and spinning supplies to suit every budget or creative need. This is our third Spinzilla! We’ve been involved from the get-go.

As a member of the Spinning and Weaving Group, we believe that it’s important to support its efforts. Our Monday night group is devoted to spinning, so we love to encourage them to spin more, and make their spinning count for something other than just lovely yarn.

Our team will be a combination of local and virtual spinners. Last year, we had spinners from Massachusetts and Arizona. We will host group spinning in the shop and offsite. Spinners can bring their wheels in for mini tune-ups, and there will be encouragement for experienced and non-experienced spinners alike.

I personally do not spin, but the majority of the staff members at Natural Stitches do. I think the appeal  is a combination of things for those folks. It’s relaxing and creating your own yarn is lots of fun. Our spinners are always challenging themselves to learn new techniques, spin faster, thinner, and the like.

—Christiana Harkulich

Team A Yarn Crossing

Yarn crossing

A Yarn Crossing a yarn and fiber shop located in Louisville, Kentucky, opened in December of 2014. We LOVE FIBER in all forms. The shop supports a wonderful knitting, crochet, and weaving community, and we are really making an effort to grow our community of spinners. I know the spinners are out there—we just need to bring them together!

This is our first year participating in Spinzilla, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We will host in-house events and we welcome remote spinners! Our goal is to challenge ourselves and have fun no matter how much we spin. I plan to coordinate a few public spinning events so we can spread the love of fiber everywhere. We’ll keep our group posted on fiber specials for Spinzilla participants.

I just love to have my hands in fiber. I find spinning very soothing, almost meditative, and at the same time it allows me to be a total perfectionist or completely off-the-wall out-there. There’s nothing better than watching fluff turn into beautiful yarn—it’s a magical experience.

—Lindsey Hoehn

Team Allons-y! fiber arts

Allons-y breakfasttiffanys

Allons-y! fiber arts grew out another business I had for twenty years painting dog collars and leashes. A series of life circumstances led me to reorient my business in 2013 to focus on my first loves—fiber and color. I specializes in hand dyed custom blended fibers for spinners, felters and other crafters, and the business now takes up 1,000 square feet of my 2,000 square foot home.

Spinzilla and Tour de Fleece are both so much fun! I love seeing the progress my teammates make every day and getting to know them and what they love about spinning is sheer bliss. For me it is beyond competition and is more about the joy of spinning. My first Spinzilla was less than a month after switching from spindle spinning to the wheel.

My team is about setting your own goals. I welcome new and seasoned spinners fast or slow. It is about learning and sharing and the joy. The yardage is basically the icing on the cake. There is already list on the Spinzilla thread in the Allons-y! Ravelry group of things you might want to set as goals for yourself such as spinning different drafts, different fibers or with different wheels!

I spin for the zen of it. I spin because it brings me back to something uncomplicated and joyful. I spin because everything else complicated washes away when I do and I remember the joy.

—Bethanne Elion

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