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Spinzilla spinner registration is open until October 2nd!

Constance Hall, Spinzilla’s team captain coordinator, asked each registered team five simple questions. Five teams are featured on the blog each week in the order that we received the answers.

Below are the eight previous posts.  These teams would love to have you join them! One yard is way better than no yards! To see a complete list of teams and availability see our 2015 Team Page.

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Here are this week’s Teams:

Team MadWool Spinners

Mad Wool Dayna Mankowski
Madison Wool has served the yarn community in Madison, Connecticut, for eight years as a full service yarn shop open open seven days a week. With an emphasis on the fiber arts, especially spinning, we hold several classes and workshops each month, rotating knitting, spinning, felting, dyeing, and weaving. Spinning events are either casual get-togethers or we host many workshops with national and international teachers. We even spun on an island this summer!

We are enjoying preparing for our second Spinzilla! Our inaugural year was rushed, as prior show and class commitments the same week were a disaster for spinning. This year promises many more events, spin-ins, and FUN! Spinzilla is a great way to reach out to our fiber community, near and far, and get them spinning! We love all types of spinning and want the team to have fun and feel no pressure.

All events will take place at the shop and we plan on fun trunk shows, demos, classes, and FIBER! Frabjous Fiber is making a special team colorway just for us, plus they have many scrumptious fiber blends to choose from. We will have those and much more available for the Team. On October 4, we plan a kick off demo and trunk show from Frabjous Fibers here at the shop.

Spinning is the ultimate form of relaxation and creative outlet, rolled into one. The act of letting gorgeous fibers flow through your hands to make delicate or sturdy yarn always makes me happy, and it is a form of meditation. I try and spin every night before bed, and during the day if I can. We have cultivated a ‘spinner’s haven’ here at the shop, and if it’s true that ‘”your vibe attracts your tribe,”” we have the best spinning ‘tribe’ out there!

—Dayna Mankowski

Team Medina Spinning & Weaving Guild

Median Spinning and Weaving GuildMedina Spinning & Weaving Guild was founded in February 1983 by four women who wanted to further their knowledge of spinning and weaving. We host workshops in each discipline with an occasional related fiber art workshop added to the mix. We welcome anyone with an interest in any fiber-related craft.

Members of our guild heard about Spinzilla last year and thought it would be fun to participate. We will be spinning on our own and and in groups, and we are talking about doing an event but have not got our threads in order yet. As a guild we love to spin, demonstrate the craft, and talk about the history of spinning.

Personally, I love to create my own yarn. I find the rhythm of the wheel soothing. When I take my spindle to doctor appointments, and I drop my blood pressure by several points!

—Nancy Page

Team Yarn Barn of Kansas Twisters
Yarn Barn of Kansas

Yarn Barn of Kansas is located in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, and we are 44 years young! This is our first Spinzilla. Our team will combine in-shop and virtual participation.

Not only is Spinzilla a good cause, but it is a fun way to get our spinners more active and interactive. Knitters have their knit-alongs and yarn bombs and this is something that spinners can do as a community.

We plan a free wheel “tune up” event, at least one spin in, and lots of cheer-leading online!

At the Yarn Barn of Kansas, we spin for a variety of reasons. A brief poll of our co-workers included answers ranging from “For spite!” to “It’s a spiritual experience for me” to “I don’t love the process, I just love the yarn.”

—Melissa Parsons

Team Koigu

Koigu Wool Designs has been in business for twenty-five years. We are located in Chatsworth, Ontario, Canada, on a beautiful, tree-lined property with a large pond and our woolshed is just a few slate steps down the hill from the Landra log house. Maie and I have a long history with every aspect of the wool business: raising and shepherding our own flock, spinning our sheep’s wool, hand-dyeing on a small scale in the Landra kitchen, and selling that hand-dyed wool around the world. All this has gained us a reputation as suppliers of beautiful, practical yarns that are a joy to knit, crochet, and stitch.

Our team will be a combination of our local Grey Bruce County spinners from the Pottawatomi Spinners and Weavers Guild and other area spinners.

I have spun since I was thirteen years old. At thirteen you just do and there is no fear of learning and mistakes are art. When you spin by hand you are able to feel fiber and hand create something beautiful.

—Taiu Landra, Team Host

A word from our captain: I will be arranging Spinzilla Spin-ins throughout our two counties (Grey/Bruce). We cover a large geographic area, almost 3,400 square miles, in southwestern Ontario, and I’m hoping to find venues in our spinner’s home communities so that everyone has an opportunity to participate “live.”

I am planning a fiber preparation day to be held in September so that we will be off and running when Spinzilla starts. I participated in Spinzilla as a Rogue Spinner last year and I am excited to have found a local host so that we can form our own team. I’ve only been spinning for a few years but I have been playing with fiber in one form or another for most of my life.

Our local guild has made it a priority to bring spinning to the forefront in our community. We demonstrate at fall fairs, our local weekly Art Crawl, and anywhere else we are invited. We are very excited to be participating in Spinzilla and are looking forward to being a part of something bigger.

I love spinning because it’s a social activity and I’ve formed some wonderful friendships through it. Taiu and I fully support Spinzilla’s mandate and feel that this is an important project.

—Marion Gibson, Team Captain

Team Yarn Hollow Nutty Coconuts



Yarn Hollow has been in business ten years. The Yarn Hollow studio is located in Grandville, Michigan, just outside Grand Rapids. This is our third Spinzilla. We are proud to be one of the first teams to jump on board in 2013, and personally I was nutty enough to be part of the planning committee for two years.

I wanted to participate in Spinzilla for two main reason: 1) for fun; spin-ins are relaxing and a great way to get to know other spinners. 2) to have the time and space to encourage spinners to learn new things. Spinners can be an experimental and adventurous group of fiber lovers. They generously share ideas with other and encourage others to learn new techniques like washing a fleece, making mini rollags, or drafting with a long draw. This concentrated week and its build-up is a great time to focus our attentions of preparing and thinking of how we want to grow as spinners.

We will do a handful of Spinzilla events at the Yarn Hollow Studio and we will go to other places for Spinzilla events. We’ve welcome spinners from across West Michigan, the Midwest, and beyond!

Spinners can expect our team to do their own thing: spin batts, spin rollags, spin natural fleece, spin on a spindle, spin on an e-spinners, spin solo, spin in a group, spin at your comfort level of spinning and participating. The basis of Team Yarn Hollow is that we welcome all spinners. Come as you are, where ever you think your skills are, and jump in, and maybe make some new friends, and have fun.

Go string!

—Rita Petteys

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