Get to know Darn Yarn Needles and Thread, Maine Top Mill, San Diego Country Spinners, Schacht Spindle Company, and Heritage Spinning and Weaving

Spinzilla spinner registration opens September 1. Here are five more teams to get to know.

As a refresher from the previous post with our first five team profile, Constance Hall, Spinzilla’s team captain coordinator, asked each registered team to date five simple questions. We are sharing their answers with you during the weeks leading up to the opening of spinner registration. Five teams will be featured each week in the order that we received the answers.

Here are the questions:

  • How long have you been in business and when was your first Spinzilla?
  • Where are you located and will your team meet in person, virtually, or a combination of the two?
  • Why did you want to participate in Spinzilla?
  • What might spinners expect from your team?
  • Why do you spin?


Team Darn Yarn Harmony Spinners


Lisa Krack of Darn Yarn

Darn Yarn Needles and Thread has been in business for 5 years. We are located in the Historic District of Harmony, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh in the Western end of the state. Our building was built in the 1800s and also houses a coffee shop, a jeweler, a gift shop, and a rental hall that used to be the town’s opera hall.

This is our second year participating in Spinzilla. Our team had so much fun last year, I couldn’t not do it this year! Even though we placed pretty low in the standings, we had so much fun as a group that I started monthly spin-ins at the shop and the spinners were already looking forward to the 2015 event at the end of 2014!

Darn Yarn Harmony spinners is a combination of in-house and virtual. We will host spin-ins and events at the shop prior to and during Spinzilla, but they are not mandatory and you need not be present to participate on our team. The shop has a group page on Ravelry, and virtual participants are encouraged to follow the Spinzilla thread there and follow the shop on Facebook for updates. Saturday, October 10th, is a community festival in Harmony, and we’ll have a spin-in on the porch and around town if weather permits. There will also be prize drawings for participating team members.

Spinzilla is a great way for local spinners to get to know each other, socialize, learn from one another, and practice their craft in a fun way. Having timelines or scheduled events force people to set time aside for something they love. We may love spinning, but don’t set aside enough time for ourselves to practice. By participating in a competition with deadlines and a time frame, spinners know they can at least set one week a year aside just for their craft. It’s like a spinner’s stay-cation.

I learned to spin because as the owner of the shop, it is a tiny requirement that I be a jack of all trades (master of none). I continue to spin because I love to pick out the roving and see how it changes when spun, and how, if I ply it, it changes again. Playing with color is one of the reasons I love crocheting and knitting, and spinning allows even more color options and chances to play with color theory. Plus I love the meditative, rhythmic actions of spinning.

—Lisa Krack

Team Maine Top Mills Spinners


Maine Top Mill

Maine Top Mills started as a sustainable Alpaca farm in 2006 by Bob and Erin Weintraub. The mill located in Waldoboro, Maine, was established when the owners had difficulty finding processors that could handle super fine fiber. Maine Top Mill specialize in processing superfine fiber between 13-18 microns.

I’m the owner PortFiber a LYS in Portland, and team captain for the Maine Top team. We are a close collaborator with the mill. This will be our first year participating in Spinzilla. Our team will participate locally and virtually through Ravelry (PortFiber group) and Instagram (@portfiber).

We’re looking to have a team full of happy spinners, encouraging one another, and maybe some good natured heckling to spin more! Being a part of a global event and knowing that people all around the world are also spinning like mad is pretty cool.

We spin because it’s fun. It’s calming. It’s a connection to people today and people who came before us. It’s a connection to the animals that produced the fiber. And in the end, you have beautiful yarn to create something lovely for yourself or a loved one, or you have a skein of yarn to just pet.

—Casey Ryder

Team San Diego County Spinners


Team San Diego County Spinners
Team San Diego Country Spinners is hosted by myself as an affiliate member of TNNA.  I have been teaching needle arts for around thirty years. We have participated in Spinzilla since its first year. Our team members are friends who meet in person weekly and our online friends who spin remotely.

I wanted to participate in Spinzilla because it is FUN! Last year we taught 100 5th graders to spin and it was the highlight of the week for me. It was an amazingly wonderful experience for each of them. I also participate just because I love to spin! Our team members are asked to spin as much yarn as they can in a week, post pics of their yarn on our Ravelry page, and bring it to our meet-ups for sharing. We will meet and spin in several locations throughout the week.

I spin because I can’t not spin. I love having the control of making my own yarn, while losing the control of the outcome. Most of the time I make the yarn I set out to make, but I do also love those times where I am surprised by what I can create. I love to experiment with different techniques, demonstrate spinning around town at different venues, and teach whoever I find that wants to learn. I spin because I love to express my art through fiber, and spinning means I start from the beginning. And I spin because I love our community of fiber friends.

—Susan Plack

Team Schacht Spindle Co Spinners


Team Schacht
Schacht Spindle Company has been manufacturing spinning and weaving equipment in Boulder, Colorado since 1969. This is our third year sponsoring and participating in Spinzilla. We are proud to be a Yak sponsor two years running! Our team is made up of members who work for the company, in and out of the factory.

We believe that spinning and weaving education through the outreach program that Spinzilla helps fund is critical to the health of these crafts. Our goal is to get spinning into the hands of as many youths as possible not only to support them, but to support the future of this industry. Spinzilla is also great for shops. It brings people into the store, heightens enthusiasm, and creates better spinners.
Our team helped coordinate a public spin-in at the Denver Art Museum last year and we expect to do a similar event this year. You’ll be able to find tips and tricks on our blog, as well as some bios of a few of our team members.

We all spin for different reasons, but at the end of it all we love the community that surrounds spinning—and of course all that fuzzy stuff.

—Benjamin Krudwig

Team Heritage Spinning and Weaving


Heritage Spinning and Weaving

Heritage Spinning and Weaving is located in historic downtown Lake Orion, Michigan, in the mitten of the state. Since 2000, we have been serving spinners, weavers, knitters, and other fiber artists. We have participated in every Spinzilla because we want to promote our love of spinning.  One of the events we host in association with Spinzilla that spinners love is our wheel and spinner tune-up day in September. This is free event for all spinners whether you are on a team or not. We have in-store spinning every day during Spinzilla and end with a Team measuring party complete with food and prizes for all team members.

I love the historical aspects of spinning and weaving.  I volunteer at the Henry Ford Museum working with the textiles in the collection. I marvel at their beauty and the skill of the makers. I also love passing on this knowledge to others. I’m active on the teaching circuit, teaching at festivals, shops, and for guilds as well as working with and supporting the Spinning and Weaving Group who hosts Spinzilla for more than 10 years. I love our fiber community! 

—Joan Sheridan

PS Joan designed the Spinning and Weaving Group logo and our NAMP spindle and weaving kit stickers.

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