Get to know A Good Yarn PurlDiver, Recycled Lamb, Spin-Off, Flying Fibers Spindolls, and Fancy Tiger

Spinzilla spinner registration opens September 1. Constance Hall, Spinzilla’s team captain coordinator, asked each registered team five simple questions. We are sharing their answers with you during the weeks leading up to the opening of spinner registration. Five teams will be featured each week in the order that we received the answers. You can see the three previous posts (herehere, and here) with our first fifteen team profiles. Team registration closes August 17, only a few weeks left to get your team registered.

Team A Good Yarn PurlDiver

A Good Yarn

A Good Yarn is located in  Sarasota, Florida, and has been in business for over 5 years. This will be our first Spinzilla!  We have a monthly spin in at the shop and our spinners thought it would be fun to participate. Laura Arena, our spinning teacher and resident spinner, and many of her students are also very excited. These spinners are in it to have fun and challenge themselves. Laura will be on hand to help them out.

Our team will be a combination of local and virtual spinners. We are going to have a Saturday spin-in on October 10 and we will invite spinners to the shop to spin during the week.

As a special treat, we will have our own custom dyed fiber for this! My husband is a deep sea diver and we our own line of yarn based on his photos. We are going to use a photo of a parrot fish, for our Spinzilla colorway.

Laura spins for pleasure and to make her own custom yarn. If they could get me to sit still long enough, they might even be able to get me spinning!

—Susan Post


Team Recycled Lamb

The Recycled Lamb
The Recycled Lamb is located on the western edge of Lakewood, Colorado, and we have been in business over 30 years. We love spinning! We sell wheels, spindles, fiber and more, teach spinning classes, and have a spin night once a month.

We have participated in Spinzilla for all three years just to have an excuse to spin all we can in one week! Any team member may spin in the shop during business hours and we will have some events at the shop and other locations. Our team is a combination of local, regional, and virtual spinners.

The biggest thing expected of any spinner on our team is to have fun. Everyone spins for their own reason. We will have activities before and during Spinzilla but no one has to participate.
—Jennifer Runyan


Team Spin-Off

Anne at Taos High Rez

Spin-Off published its first issue in 1977, almost forty years ago, and since that time we have grown from a print publication to delivering you spinning content on virtually any devise. Our office is in Fort Collins, Colorado, but our readers are from all over the world. Most of our spinners will be virtual although we try to coordinate with some other fine Colorado teams. We will have fun prizes and challenges for our team members, and offer tips and techniques to make your spinning life easier. We will encourage you every yard of the way!

This is Spin-Off‘s third Spinzilla and we are proud to be the major media sponsor. We are all about growing the spinning community and encouraging spinners at all levels, so Spinzilla was a natural fit for us.

The main reason I spin is that I love fiber, and I love the accomplishments of making better yarn. I actually took a long time off from spinning while my life was overly busy, and getting back to it has been a pleasure.

—Anne L. Merrow


Team Flying Fibers Spindolls

Flying Fibers

Flying Fibers is located in Landisville, Pennsylvania, approximately an hour and a half from Philadelphia, forty-five minutes from Harrisburg, and five minutes from Lancaster. As a mother-daughter team, we has been in business since 2001—starting with our farm where where raise rare Wensleydale and Leicester Longwool sheep.  Our brick and mortar store opened in 2009.

This will be our second Spinzilla and we are really looking forward to spinning as a team. Any excuse to spend time spinning is just perfect. Spinzilla allows us to say “no” to everything for an entire week and say “yes” to spinning. If the team is counting on us then we must spin. To heck with laundry, and cooking, and whatever else takes us away from spinning.

Flying Fibers Spindolls will offer a supportive community to their teammates throughout Spinzilla. There will be opportunities during the event to spin together in the shop while also supporting our virtual teammates.

My daughter and I raise rare breeds and we just love the feel of their fibers moving through our fingers. We also spin many other fibers but our flock keeps us busy.

—Jeri Robinson-Lawrence


Team Fancy Tiger

Fancy Tiger Crafts

Fancy Tiger Crafts is located in Denver, Colorado, and we just celebrated our ninth anniversary. We have participated in the first two Spinzillas and were fortunate enough to be the champions both years! The competition is fierce, but we are ready to do our best to defend our title as Spinzilla Champions.

Most of our team members are local. We love to get the team together in the shop to enjoy the camaraderie of a room full of spinners pushing each other to spin faster. We had folks drive into town to participate, and we even had someone FaceTime in to join a spin-in!  Our spinners can expect daily spin-ins, team t-shirts, lots of smack talk, and intra-team competitions and challenges.

Jaime and I both love the process of spinning yarn so much. We were so excited about a spinning competition that encourages spinners to get together, share knowledge, and get a little silly with their craft. I love how relaxing spinning can be—it is the most meditative craft I do. I enjoy spinning just for spinning’s sake, experiencing the different types of fibers, especially different wool breeds.

During Spinzilla, though, spinning can get pretty intense! Before Spinzilla, I had mostly just spun one-off skeins. What I love about competitive spinning is that I spin so much yardage, I was able to spin a sweater’s worth of beautiful handspun in a few days. It has made me a much better spinner.

—Amber Corcoran

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