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Each week leading up to Spinzilla we are gathering our best tips from the Spinzilla archives on fiber preparation, speedy spinning, getting ready, and measuring and photographing your yarn. We begin at the beginning with fiber preparation.

We hear over and over and over again from past participants that they underestimated the amount of fiber they would need for Spinzilla. Here are some words of wisdom on getting your fiber prepped for the BIG week. (Note previous tour posts have incorrect dates for this year!)

Tips for Buying and Washing Fleece by Liz Gipson and Constance Hall

How Much Fiber Will I Need? by Kate Larson from 2014 Blog Tour

Fiber Prep for Productive Spinning by Beth Smith from our 2013 Blog Tour

Fast and Easy Wools to Spin by Debora Robson from our 2013 Blog Tour

Mental Preparation

It’s time to prep more than fiber. Spinners you are capable of way more than you think. You may be anxious that you won’t spin enough yarn for your team. However, spinners who expressed this fear in the past were pleasantly surprised by how much spinning they can accomplish when they have others cheering them on. Here is what a few past spinners had to say:

“As someone who’s only been spinning for eight months, Spinzilla seemed like a crazy idea, but I’m so pleased with how I did.” —Katrina S via Facebook

“Wasn’t that a lot of fun! I had a great time and ended exhausted like the rest of us. It didn’t matter how much you spun, the important thing was participating round the world.” —Carol E via Facebook

“I’ve always called myself a pretty decent ‘gut level’ spinner. Taking that intense week with so much spinning I cannot believe how much better my yarn was at the end of the week. Toooooooo fun!!!” —kthutch via Ravelry

A Team needs YOU

There is a team that needs and wants you. To find your perfect team see our blog posts with team features and check out our 2015 Teams of Awesomeness page to see what teams still have openings. If you haven’t already, register today!

You can always spin Rogue if you want to participate but aren’t ready to join a team. Every yard gets us closer to our goal of spinning enough yarn to go around the world and your registration fees go toward a great cause! Any spinner that spins a mile (1,760 yds) or more is automatically entered into the Monster Mile Club and eligible for an additional chance to win a drawing prize.

Now is not the time to be afraid of your fiber—it is begging to be turned into yarn!

Spin on Spinzilla Spinners Spin on!

Your friendly neighborhood 2015 Spinzilla Planning Team

Constance Hall, Team Captain Coordinator and Ravelry Moderator
Andrea Marquis, Prize and Sponsorship Coordinator
Liz Good, Logistical Support
Liz Gipson, Marketing and Communications

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