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There is still time to register for Spinzilla 2014.  Rogue spinner registration is open until Friday, October 3.  Any rogue spinner that wishes to move to a team may do so, but they must let us know by Thursday, October 2.  Email for details. Only five more days until spinning commences!

We get dreamy-eyed over at Spinzilla central when we think about all the delicious yarn that will be created after the big week.  One question that was burning up the chat rooms after Spinzilla last year was, “How did you spin that?”  We don’t really have a way to gather and distribute this information, but we would like to introduce you to Nimblestix, an easy way to share all the juicy details about how a yarn was spun.

Nimblestix is a social media site that has many of the same functions as other popular sites. You can chat, make friends, share photos, join groups (called guilds), and document your stash and projects.  It is the latter that was designed with you, the handspinner,  in mind. The search on this site is incredibly detailed. You can search by drafting method, ply, weights, novelty construction, yardage range, and project status.


Once you find a yarn you like, you can take a peek at how the yarn was spun and all kinds of intricate details about the fiber.

Nimblestix Yarn Detail.jpg

Other nifty things you can do on Nimblestix:

  • Document your fiber including source, name, preparation, fiber content, weight, staple length, relevant URLs, and a section for notes.
  • Create spinning projects and pull from one or more fiber stashes.
  • Track yardage and print labels even if your skeins are of variable lengths. Perfect for Spinzilla!
  • Post your stash and project pictures directly to Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter.

If you use the #Spinzilla hashtag in your yarn documentation, it will be easy to find other Spinzilla spinners. Nimblestix is hosting a team and they have a guild set up just for Spinzilla spinners.  The big week is almost upon us and once it has whizzed by, Nimblestix is a great way to share all the terrific details about your yarn – what makes the yarn uniquely yours.  Get ready Spinzilla spinners.  The monster of a spinning week is almost upon us!



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