Spinzilla 2016 Prize Winners


One of Spinzilla's goals is to spin enough yarn to go around the world. Every yard spun gets us closer to that goal!

First of all, on behalf of the Spinzilla Committee, I’d like to mention that everyone involved with the event is a winner, big time. Each spinner spinning each yard towards a common goal, every Team Captain cheering on their team, and all of the generous sponsors and prize donors are all stars in the Spinzilla sky! A huge THANKS to one and all!

Team Captain Meet-Up

Part of what makes this event so fun are the prizes! So many spinning-related companies stepped up to donate the $25 gift certificates, and to fill the prize baskets for the rogue and team individuals who spun the most. We hope that our spinners will reward the generosity of these and our other sponsors with their patronage. These are small companies who love the fiber arts just like the rest of us.

All of the winners and prize donors have already received emails from sponsors@spinzilla.org to enable prize redemption to begin. If you see your name on this list and did not get an email, please first check your spam folder, and if you still do not see it, please email me at sponsors@spinzilla.org. I make every effort to get this prize part right, and it is a lot of data to wrangle in just a couple days.

So, here is the Prize Winners Listing–

Team Louet is a repeat winner this year, with a total of 296,849 yards. They will receive the Golden Niddy Noddy, bragging rights for another year, and each team member gets a $25 gift certificate from one of our wonderful prize donors. Here are the team members listed alphabetically, with the company from whom they win a prize following. Congratulations!

  • Susanne Babcock Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Monica Bittner Carolina Homespun
  • Alexis Borsboom Runyan Artware
  • Laura Cameron A Good Yarn Sarasota
  • Michelle Chase Gritty Knits
  • Daisy Chiovaro YarnSuperhero
  • Janet Deutmeyer The Altered Stitch
  • Angela Dotsenko Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Sarah Dupuis Allons-y! Fiber Arts
  • Carol Edwards Sylphs Design
  • Elizabeth Farwell Blaine Fleece and Fiber
  • Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter Yarn Hollow
  • Ashley Hewitt Grandma’s Spinning Wheel
  • Rebecca Huggins Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Joan Katz Yarn Crush
  • Betsy Lange Cotton Clouds
  • Julia Lawler Threadbender
  • Robin Maclulich Tradewind Hawaii
  • Maryann Neubert Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Bethe Orrell Blazing Star Ranch
  • Deborah Roberts Weavolution
  • Lauren Sanchez Akerworks
  • Natasha Sills WEBS
  • Teresa Simons Kraemer
  • Patricia Tompkins Purl & Loop

Anyone who spun at least a mile of yarn was entered into a special Monster Mile Club drawing. For many of you, this was a stretch goal and you did it! Way to go! Here are those winners and their prize donors.

  • Elina Alm Tradewind Hawaii
  • Emilia Barbosa Happy Ewe
  • Mindi Baum Purl & Loop
  • Claire Baumann Purl & Loop
  • Wendy Bigler Runyan Artware
  • Rose Bloom Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Emily Boucher Sweet Georgia Yarn
  • Sue Brady Countrywool
  • Vicky Bryg Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Britta Burenius YarnSuperhero
  • Lisa Calhoun Cotton Clouds
  • Judy Charbonneau Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Lauren Clements Kromski NA
  • Freyalun Close-Hainsworth YarnSuperhero
  • Cherie Cornick Carolina Homespun
  • Teresa Costa Viyella
  • Jean Coward Louet NA
  • Ashley Crawford Akerworks
  • Sharon Dalebout Akerworks
  • Anita Deen Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • PJ Doering WEBS
  • Ruth Duckworth Kraemer
  • Annabell Duncan Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Amanda Ediger Foxglove Fiber Arts
  • Cathy Ernst Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Murlea Everson Akerworks
  • Liz Fagel Akerworks
  • Kanani Fox Purl & Loop
  • Michele Frederick Hilltop Cloud
  • Jamie Fritz WEBS
  • Janis Gostlin WEBS
  • Amanda Gravette Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Catherine Greco 57 Chapters
  • Lisa Grzeskowiak PLY Magazine
  • Jessie Hagen PLY Magazine
  • Sylvia Harrington Cotton Clouds
  • Laurel Hayama Handmade Hollows
  • Erin Hennessy Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Suzi Hess Akerworks
  • Gayle Hoepner Unicorn Fibre
  • Ameda Holmes Sweet Georgia Yarn
  • Victoria Huff Akerworks
  • Dene Huffaker Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Jessica James Cotton Clouds
  • Liz Jennings Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Michelle Jernstedt Lavender Sheep
  • Margaret Johnson Yarnorama
  • Erica Jones Sylphs Design
  • Shari Karobonik Meridan Jacobs
  • Mindy Keys Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Allison Kufro Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Christine Kutz Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Melissa Littlefield Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Cory Loos Akerworks
  • Anita Lopez-Conheady Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Lisa Luft Knitty Stash
  • Dena McCabe Happy Ewe
  • Sancy Mcfalls Kraemer
  • Suzanne Micheals Runyan Artware
  • Rhonda Mokri Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Isabella Moreno Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Jess Morris Foxglove Fiber Arts
  • Terry Neal Purl & Loop
  • Karin Norvell Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Rita Oswiak Sweet Georgia Yarn
  • Lisa Patterson Kraemer
  • Sari Peterson Gritty Knits
  • Russell Pettit Tradewind Hawaii
  • Ellen Pierce YarnSuperhero
  • Debbie Reeb Purl & Loop
  • Andria Rice Unicorn Fibre
  • Donna Rudd Louet NA
  • Nancy Sandeman Hipstrings
  • Ashley Schifano Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Jesse Seely WEBS
  • Toni Smith Purl & Loop
  • Cath Snape Spin Off
  • Monica Spooner Cotton Clouds
  • Ann Stairmund-Jackson Yarn Store at Nob Hill
  • Jeffry Sullivan Carolina Homespun
  • Karen Sweat Treenway Silks
  • Claire Tilley Louet NA
  • Diana Twiss Louet NA
  • Mary Urquizo Carolina Homespun
  • Wendy VanWoerkom Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Naomi Villa Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Lizbeth Villalvazo WEBS
  • James Vincent A Good Yarn Sarasota
  • Carla Wackenheim Kromski NA
  • Kim Wall Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Mennan Weddle 57 Chapters
  • Michael Woody Cotton Clouds
  • Dawn Ykema Blaine Fleece and Fiber
  • Patty Jo Yoder Happy Ewe

And last, but certainly not least, because every yard counts for Spinzilla, here is a list of the random prize winners:

  • Neda Ambrosius Mielke’s Fiber Arts
  • Jess Balko YarnSuperhero
  • Doris Bergman Kromski NA
  • Kennedy Berry Viyella
  • Andrea Butler Three Waters Farm
  • Patti Chambers WEBS
  • Dewina Chesnutt Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Jody Cosby Carolina Homespun
  • Carol Csengeri YarnSuperhero
  • Sheryl Deines Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Christina Delonge Carolina Homespun
  • Vilija Deutschman Purl & Loop
  • Elizabeth Draper Sylphs Design
  • Valerie DuPuy Yarn Hollow
  • Sarah Easton Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Marykate Fleming Sweet Peet’s Fiber and Things
  • Janice Fobian Akerworks
  • Joy Getha The Altered Stitch
  • Alicia Gossman-Steeves Treenway Silks
  • Claudia Graves Kraemer
  • Christine Green YarnSuperhero
  • Debbie Gring Ball and Skein
  • Beege Harding WEBS
  • Jennifer Harris Carolina Homespun
  • Worna Haywood Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Marge Hepburn Cotton Clouds
  • Tyrenny Hidy Kraemer
  • Kandi Jackson Knot Another Hat
  • Megan Jacobsen Cotton Clouds
  • Cheryle Joy Kong Treenway Silks
  • Coby Kopec Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Rebecca Kreiger Sweet Georgia Yarn
  • Lynda Liptak Sweet Georgia Yarn
  • Sherry Long PLY Magazine
  • Dayna Mankowski YarnSuperhero
  • Lynn Marron Cotton Clouds
  • Kathy McKibben Blazing Star Ranch
  • Karen Mohler Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Marcia Molter Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Nicole Mork Kraemer
  • Yvonne Mortensen YarnSuperhero
  • Mitzi Mortimer Yarn Barn of Kansas
  • Carole Nelson YarnSuperhero
  • Susan Newman Purl & Loop
  • Rachel Nichols PLY Magazine
  • Louise Nuttle Yarn Hollow
  • Janet Panebaker Akerworks
  • Franna Pitt Kraemer
  • Glenda Plummer Sweet Peet’s Fiber and Things
  • Joanna Rankin Kromski NA
  • Elizabeth Reinhart Hilltop Cloud
  • Mary Reynolds YarnSuperhero
  • Diena Riddle Heritage Spinning and Weaving
  • Lois Romito Yarn Hollow
  • Candace Ryberg The Altered Stitch
  • Marisol Sanchez Louet NA
  • Victoria Sanders Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Angela Scheider Kraemer
  • Victoria Shank Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Roddie Shelley Happy Ewe
  • Sarah Sligh Carolina Homespun
  • Dori Smith Carolina Homespun
  • Meagan Sneeringer Kraemer
  • Lily Stevens YarnSuperhero
  • Mona Sylvertsen Spin Off
  • Beverley Thompson Tradewind Hawaii
  • Karina Tipton Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Margaret Tyler Treenway Silks
  • Carol Ullmann WEBS
  • Cris Voorhees Purl & Loop
  • Lydia Lacy Wallace Lavender Sheep
  • Wae Wang Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Chris Weber-Johnson YarnSuperhero
  • Marjo Wheat Sylphs Design
  • Latisha Wilcox Cotton Clouds
  • Michelle Worzbyt The Altered Stitch
  • Michelle Wysocki-Hanna YarnSuperhero

Thanks again to our prize donors and sponsors, and congratulations to all of our winners!








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The Big Spin is Ready to Begin!


It’s here! Well, almost. Spinning starts for Spinzilla 2016 on October 3rd, at 12:01 am, in whatever time zone you are in. So, get your wheel ready, pull out that fiber that you have been saving–the BIG SPIN is ready to start rolling!

One of Spinzilla's goals is to spin enough yarn to go around the world. Every yard spun gets us closer to that goal!

To date, Spinzilla spinners have spun over 5.3 million yards of yarn, enough to go from coast to coast of the United States and more. We are now ready to leap across the ocean to Hawaii. Aloha, Baby!

Here are a few reminders before we begin:

  • All yarn must be spun during Spinzilla week.
  • You can claim yardage credit for plying. See “Can I Ply?” FAQ for details.
  • Spinning stops at 11:59 pm on Sunday, October 9th, in whatever time zone you are in.
  • Team spinners, you will submit a documentation photo of your yarn and your yardage figure directly to your team captain. Please get this information to your captain as soon as possible after spinning stops. He or she must submit the yarn to us by October 14th.
  • Rogue spinners, you will submit your documentation photo and yardage number directly to Spinzilla, by October 14th, via this link. Click here for more info.
  • Submit your total yardage in yards and whole numbers, rounding up to the nearest yard.
  • For more information about measuring, photographing, and submitting your Spinzilla yarn, read this blog post or visit our FAQ.

Thanks for spinning with us. Let’s go make some handspun noise!


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Speedy Spinning with The Woolery

Preparing your fibers and wheel ahead of time will make your Spinzilla spinning more efficient and enjoyable, plus it will maximize the amount of time you have to spend at your wheel – talk about win-win! Now is the perfect time to start planning your Spinzilla Strategy; here are 3 things you can do now to ensure speedy spinning this October:


Strategy #1: Get Batty

If you have access to a drum carder, the world is your oyster! Batts are easy to store for later use once Spinzilla rolls around. Not only are they fun to spin from, the blanket of fiber you create provides for a lot of spinning options to create both worsted and woolen yarns. They’re also wonderful for using up leftover bits and bobs lingering in your stash, or giving new life to that compacted roving that has been lurking at the bottom of your stash. Get inspired with this article from the KnittySpin archives.

Strategy #2: Blend In

Rolags are another option to consider as you make Spinzilla plans. A blending board is ideal for making rolags, though large hand carders can also be used; we’ve even seen folks use a drum carder to create rolags! Fibers can be blended in a specific pattern (for example, striped or gradient), or a more subtle effect can be achieved by blending fiber colors which are similar or complementary.


The Woolery crew prefers to use our own Rosie Blending Board for blending fibers into rolags. If you’re new to using a blending board, Jacey Boggs of Ply Magazine shared some great tips for successful fiber processing featuring the Rosie Blending Board, found here on our blog archive. Bonus: rolags are not just pretty to look at, they’re also easy to store for spinning later on, and great for traveling spinners, too!

Strategy #3: Keep That Wheel Spinning


Has it been awhile since you changed out the drive band? Is there a squeaking or clattering sound you’ve been ignoring which hasn’t gone away? Now is the perfect time to clean & care for your wheel. Performing basic maintenance now means that you are less likely to have your wheel break down when you need it most this October.

Check out our free guide to spinning wheel maintenance for ways to prepare now so that you can spin to win this fall. We also have some Spinzilla Specials* to make sure you have everything you need for a successful event:
⦁ Enjoy 10% off  Rosie’s Spinning Wheel Maintenance Kit with promo code AWBMCX.
⦁ Save 20% on Cashmere Blending Fiber with promo code VJQDFD.
⦁ Get 15% off your purchase of a  Large Padded Spinning Wheel Bag with promo code EQMCMW.

Still have questions about how to get ready for Spinzilla? Ask Nancy, our resident fiber arts guru! Email weavernancy@woolery.com or click here to post your questions in our Ravelry group; user submitted questions are featured regularly on the Woolery blog!
*Cannot be combined with any other discount promotion
*Must be logged into your Woolery online account to use coupon
*Limit of one coupon code use per customer
*Offers valid thru 9/30/2016



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Get on Board the Spinzilla Train!

The Spinzilla Monster Train is getting ready to start rolling and we want you on board!


Here is the link to register.

There are still plenty of teams who would love to have you join them, so check out the team descriptions on our website and see who looks like a good fit. Any team that does not say “Full” is fair game.

We need your handspun yards–any yards! Collectively, we’d like to spin enough to reach around the globe, and remember, your spinner registration fees are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program to create the spinners of tomorrow!

If you have already jumped on board, would you please do one more thing? Please talk us up to spinners you know, so they can join in the fun. Get them to sign up on your team. Offer them: Support! Fun! Experience! Chances of prizes! Chocolate! Camaraderie! Sore bums! 🙂 Or just tell them we really would love for them to join in our one week of spinning. Y’all are our best recruiters and we appreciate it very much.

The last day to register for this year’s Spinzilla is September 30.

And remember to shop with our lovely sponsors if you need to stock up on fiber, tools, or other supplies. They are folks who love spinning and its related toys just like the rest of us, and they are offering Spinzilla Specials!




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Meet Our Spinzilla Sponsors: Paradise Fibers

We interviewed Rachel Riley from Paradise Fibers.

paradise logo    Ravtar-spinzilla-transparent_medium1 (1)

Spinzilla: What is the focus of your business?

Rachel: We really have a huge selection of spinning fiber. Our monthly fiber club is very popular and has been going for a long time now with no end in sight. The spinning fiber is a very large focus for us and we are always investigating new sources and trying to find better pricing for our customers.
Spinzilla: What is your typical day like?

Rachel: I usually get to the store at 9. We have a meeting over coffee with all the staff for a few minutes to address any questions for the day. Then I respond to my emails until the storefront opens at noon. Once the store is open to walk in customers, I split my time between helping people at the front desk and shipping orders. After lunch I add products to the website and if it’s not a late night, I head home around 6pm. Once I’m home I usually hang out with my four kids that I just adore. They are 11, 5, 3 and 1 and we often watch Brave or Frozen for the 15 millionth time. I don’t mind though, because the kids snuggle next to me while I knit or spin and they watch the movie. My little girl Romi always asks me what I’m making. It’s often a shawl, and she has said, “I like that shawl your making mama.” She has being cute down to an art. That’s pretty much how my days go.


Romi wearing the owl crochet hat that Rachel Made for her.

Spinzilla: What is your favorite part of your job?

Rachel: I really like helping customers to choose yarn for projects, or helping them find the perfect pattern to make their next project. It’s like vicarious knitting and it’s a great opening to get to know someone new. We have customers from all walks of life and areas of the world and I really enjoy getting to know each of them a little bit as we interact.

Spinzilla: Which of your products specifically help spinners produce more yardage and how?

Rachel: I would probably go with a diz. We have a small wooden diz that is made in our woodshop and it’s a really nice tool because you can pull a thick piece of roving through the tiny hole in the diz and it make sit easier to draft thinner and more consistently. When roving is prepared in this way, it is  easier to spin very fine yarn, thus giving you more yardage per pound of fiber.

IMG_4171 (1)

The Romine front yard – the sheep never have to be asked twice to mow the yard.

Spinzilla: What about your business would surprise our team hosts and spinners?

Rachel: That’s tough. We have a beautiful old building that was built in 1906 with 25000 square feet of space but we still don’t have enough room to display all of our yarns on the main floor of the store. Also, several of the employees believe the building to be haunted by a ghost named Charlie. Our lead shipper Lei-Sea swears that Charlie helps her find lost yarn that is needed for an order. One day, she came in to work very excited because a rack of yarn had been knocked over and there were balls of yarn everywhere. We reviewed our surveillance video only to find out that the “ghost” was actually our co-worker Kari trying to make her way out of the store in the pitch dark and knocking everything over. It sure made for an exciting start to the day though. So far no conclusive ghost evidence has been found but Lei-Sea is still hopeful.

Spinzilla: That’s funny. I worked in a yarn shop where sometimes yarn would jump off of the shelves. We sometimes said it was a ghost, but it could just as well have been due to a train going by. What do you wish you knew starting out that you know now?

Rachel: I started Spinning at a relatively young age and I just took for granted that the ladies of our spinning guild would always be around to answer questions and pass on their extensive knowledge and experience. As I have grown up we have lost some of our dear friends and I wish I had realized how important and influential these people would be to me. I wish I had taken more time to discuss all things fiber with them and to write down their pearls of wisdom. I hope they knew how much I admired and respected them.


Glamour photo of Rachel wearing the riverside cowl she knit from Louisa Harding Azalea yarn.

Spinzilla: What kinds of crafts or other activities do you enjoy personally?
Rachel: I’m a spinner and a knitter at heart. I do enjoy crochet as well and like to do some weaving but I always come back to knitting and spinning.

Spinzilla: What is your fiber background?

Rachel: I started off raising angora rabbits as a 4-H project when I was 9, and my Mom bought me my first wheel, a Babe, when I was about 12. I spent a lot of time on that wheel and then moved onto a Kiwi wheel and I was hooked. I have been spinning ever since. I even won the Grand Champion skein in the Spokane Interstate Fair one year. I had a bundle of merino/cashmere roving that I purchased as a new spinner and left in a drawer for years and finally decided I was good enough to spin it. After I peeled off the felt from the outside of the bundle and predrafted it, I was able to make a beautiful lace weight yarn that ended up being a two ply. I ran the roving through a diz before I spun it and I think it took me 9 months to spin the 8 ounces. It was pretty slow going, but I was very pleased with my resulting yarn. I just like the process of spinning. I want to finish my yarn, but for me it’s more important to enjoy myself along the way.

Spinzilla: What was the first fiber item that ever caught your interest?
Rachel: Angora Rabbits are really what got me into fiber. I had done some knitting and crocheting before I got into rabbits, but it was those Wookie- like fluffy bunnies that I fell in love with first.

Spinzilla: Tell us about why you are in the fiber business? How did you get started?

Rachel: My Mom got me started. Growing up she was always encouraging me to take something I love and turn it into a business. When we both started spinning, it seemed natural for us to purchase fiber and sell it at small local shows and gatherings. We did this and sold a few wheels as well for about 10 years before we heard that Kate Painter was looking to sell Paradise Fibers. After a lot of family discussions, and a little begging and pleading, my Dad helped us buy the business from Kate. She had done a wonderful job getting Paradise Fibers started and it is a real privilege to get to continue to help her original customers with their fiber needs, and to grow the business with new customers.


Rachel holding two baby lambs she just resuscitated after they were born.

Spinzilla: Why are you sponsoring Spinzilla?
Rachel: Because it is a fantastic event that inspires spinners to push themselves to reach their spinning goals.

Spinzilla: What is the most fiber fun you have had?
Rachel: Over this past summer I got to attend a spinning retreat with Judith Mackenzie and it was such an amazing experience. I learned so much and got to meet some fabulous ladies, including Judith, who is a FABULOUS teacher. Her passion for the fiberarts is such an inspiration! I left that retreat feeling invigorated and full of ideas to help inspire our customers at Paradise Fibers, and the spinners of Spinzilla!

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Meet Our Spinzilla Sponsors–Kromski, North America

We interviewed Dona, the blogger and social media contact for Kromski, North America.

PLYaway-kromski logo1  Ravtar-spinzilla-transparent_medium1 (1)


Spinzilla: What is the focus of your shop/business?
We import and distribute Kromski products from Poland. Our goal is to have happy weavers and spinners all across North America.

Spinzilla: What is your typical day like?
Dona: I typically work on various projects throughout the day. I check in on Ravelry and Facebook and write our blogs.  I also help with customers who may have difficulty understanding their wheel or loom.

Spinzilla What is your favorite part of your job?

Dona: Playing with fiber! And helping others to do the same!

Spinzilla: Which of your products specifically help spinners produce more yardage and how?
Dona: Of course all of our wheels are fantastic, but if I had to say, I guess the Sonata would help produce the most yardage, simply because of the portability. And the Jumbo Bobbin holds a whopping 8 ounces of fiber, which means less time spent changing bobbins and more time spinning.

Kromski-sonata-walnut-500x550  IMG_0224

Spinzilla: What about your business would surprise our team hosts and spinners?
Dona: Many people think we are based in Poland. While Kromski is a Polish-owned company and all of the wheels and looms are made in Poland, we do have an office here in the USA.

Spinzilla: What kinds of crafts or other activities do you enjoy personally?
Dona: I am primarily a knitter and spinner, but I also enjoy weaving, dyeing, felting, quilting and pretty much everything creative.


Spinzilla: What is your fiber background?
Dona: I have personally been knitting and spinning for over a decade. I own my own small flock of sheep and several fiber rabbits.

Spinzilla: What was the first fiber item that ever caught your interest?
Dona: My 1st knit was a Teddy Bear. And I have to say, I still like toys.

Spinzilla: Tell us about why you are in the fiber business?
Dona: I cannot think of a better job!

Spinzilla:Why are you sponsoring Spinzilla?
Dona: I love to see crafters coming together for a cause. We can inspire each other and help speed the word about the new age of spinning.


Spinzilla: What is the most fiber fun you have ever had?
Dona: I love it when my friends and I go on a mini vacation and bring along the dye pots, wheels and whatever else we can think of and just play!

Learn more about Kromski North America on their website, blog, and Ravelry Group page, and follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

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