Beth Smith Talks About Fiber Prep For Production Spinning

Our Spinzilla Blog Tour continues this week with an installment from Beth Smith, owner of the Spinning Loft, Teacher and Spinning Diva. Pop over to her blog “Beth Smith Spinning” on September 18th, 2013 to read her full posting on “Fiber Prep for production Spinning”. 

Here is a little preview– let’s just say we’re pre-drafting Beth’s fiber blog here and you have to go to her website to get the full yarn!

    It's no secret.... Beth's favorite fiber is WOOL...

It’s no secret…. Beth’s favorite fiber is WOOL…

I’m here to talk about fiber prep to help you spin a little faster. Since most of you will be spinning from fiber that has been prepped for you in advance we will start there and then move on to talking about spinning quickly from raw fleece.

Woolen spinning– in other words some form of long draw– will surely get you where you want to go faster in most cases than short forward draw but this can be somewhat of a problem since most processed fiber available on the market today is in the form of top. This means that the fibers are all aligned and prettily arranged. Due to this arrangement they can sometimes be difficult to draft with the twist in the fiber supply which is required for a good, fast long draw.

So let’s talk about what we can do to avoid issues like twist lock when we are spinning top.  GO TO BETH’S BLOG TO READ MORE……

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