Around the World in 35 Days

The Spinzilla committee has barely stopped since the rawrrrr of last year’s Spinzilla died away.  We have been poring over our notes, sifting through your feedback, and talking with past team hosts and sponsors to get ready for this year’s big event. In addition to stellar support from our early adopters who have been with us since the beginning of this journey, Spinzilla 2015 will return with more prizes, a knock-out blog tour, and new sponsors. If you are interested in sponsorship, we still have a few Merino and Angora spots left.  Contact Andrea Marquis for details at

In its simplest terms, Spinzilla is a competition between teams and individuals; at its core, though, is the challenge to generate a very big number to show the yarn universe and beyond what we spinners are made of.

Sheepzill and GlobeWhen we started this crazy thing we thought, “Wouldn’t it be the coolest if we could spin enough yarn to go around the world?” That is still our goal. When that is accomplished, Spinzilla will have done something very grand.

To this end, we are issuing a challenge to the spinning community: help us spin enough quantifiable yarn to reach around the globe in five years.  We started in New York City, and our goal is to eventually make it back to that point.  (We aren’t technically following the circumference of the globe.)


That is 12,858 miles as the crow files or 11,732 miles skipping the oceans and hitting the road (sheep can’t fly, but neither can they swim).  How Sheepzilla gets home and where she lands is up to you!

Will she be able to take a luxury liner across the high seas or will she have to be air lifted across the Pacific?  How will she travel through Russia, China, Mongolia, and Europe—the scenic or most direct route? Right now Sheepzilla is standing on the edge of California looking towards the distant shores of Japan.

Just like she is poised to do, we challenge you to take a giant leap with your spinning.  We need every yard to get her home!

Spinzilla 2015

Now to the details. As an organizing body, we are committed to keeping Spinzilla simple: pick up a tool – any tool – spin as much as you can, and then celebrate the results. To that end, we are changing very little in 2015.

  • We will continue to allow spinners to get credit for plying and are adding an online tool to make it easier for spinners to calculate their plying credit.
  • Similarly to how we did in 2013, we are asking that team captains again take responsibility for gathering yardage from their team rather than spinners submitting results directly to Spinzilla.  Rogue spinners will continue to submit their results directly to Spinzilla.
  • The Monster Mile club will return for another year as will the Team, Rogue, and Most Yardage Spun categories for prizes.

We thought long and hard about adding additional categories. Both logistically and philosophically, it doesn’t make sense for us to do that this year.  In this age of big data, offering all of the juicy details of who spun what on what tool would seemingly be easy, but there is the human component to consider.  The task of getting 1,000+ spinners to follow directions and managing the tight turnaround to return results quickly and accurately is a monster task that takes human handling. Adding more categories would distract from all of the other support that we offer our spinners during this most monstrous festival of spinning.

There is also a philosophical consideration.  While it may appear that one tool has an advantage over another, the truth – as we see it – is that spinning is spinning.  No matter how you generate the twist, drafting by hand is still the limiting factor in the speed of yarn making.  Our Bolivian team demonstrated that you can make an astonishing amount of yarn on a simple spindle and the 2014 Most Yards Spun champion spun all her yardage on a wheel just edging past two spinners who used e-spinners.

We aren’t saying we will never offer more categories; we are just saying not this year.  We have year four in our sights as the “Year of the Tool!”

We have begun updating the Spinzilla website with more details about this year’s competition and announcing our sponsors.  Soon we will have details on our blog tour line-up.  Then it will be full-scale team recruitment time at the June TNNA show.  We look forward to having you all back for another year! Bring a friend; we need all spinners on deck to bring Sheepzilla home!

Your friendly neighborhood 2015 Spinzilla Committee,

Liz Gipson of Yarnworker, Marketing and Communications

Constance Hall of Dyeology, Team Captain Coordinator and Rogue Leader

Andrea Marquis of Yarn SuperHero, Prize, Sponsorship, and Team Recruitment Coordinator,

Rita Petteys of Yarn Hollow, Webmaster

Liz Good Spinner-at-Large, Logistics



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