5 Really Good Reasons to Join a Spinzilla Team

Do you want to meet new spinners and have a great reason to spin like crazy for a week? Spinzilla has a team for you! There are many teams who would love to have you join in on the fun. They may not be trying for the Golden Niddy Noddy trophy, but they are in it for the love of spinning, camaraderie, and to raise money for a good cause.

One of Spinzilla’s goals is to spin enough yarn to go around the world. Every yard spun gets us closer to that goal!

Here are my 5 really good reasons to join a team!

1.) You can tell your spinmates what you can’t tell your significant other: all about your new fiber, how many wheels you really have and where you are going to hide those new spindles until you can smuggle them into the house. Your mates WILL be on your side! Talk TPI, woolen vs. worsted, or carb-loading and caffeine consumption for optimum spinning performance—all important training topics in the weeks leading up to Spinzilla.

2.) Spinzilla teams are hosted by small businesses we rely on. Show your support for a wheel maker, a fiber producer, your LYS or favorite retailer, an indie dyer, or fiber book publisher. These are the people that make what we love possible and this is your chance to show the love back! Several teams are offering deals, discounts, gifts, prizes: the fun stuff we all love! (Not that that is why you would sign up. . .)

3.) This is a great chance to share your experience of spinning and fiber with your spinmates and to learn from spinners whose hands have spun TONS of fiber over the years. We all have things to learn, new and experienced alike. Battlefield conditions are when breakthrough innovations and lifelong friendships are made.

4.) Spinzilla will give you someone to chat with at 3 am. You wake up, and it’s dark and quiet. You lay there and think: “I could be SPINNING! Just for 15 minutes, I swear!”  Then, two hours later you go online to check out your team thread on Ravelry and you find others just like you chatting and spinning! It can’t be crazy if we are ALL doing it!

5.) In one just week, you can watch your spinning improve dramatically. Take before and after pictures. Lose 10 pounds without dieting! Spinning burns one million calories per hour. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself. No money back guarantee! OK, maybe that is not quite true. But we do promise your spinning WILL get better with practice! That IS guaranteed.

You may be worried that you will let your team down, but the reality is very few of us can take the week off to spin 24/7, and your body can’t take it anyway. Many teams will be thrilled with whatever yardage you spin. We want to wrap the world with handspun! Feel the fear, do it anyway!

Check out the Teams of 2015 page on the Spinzilla.org website for a list of teams that have openings and register today! Already signed up?  Share this post with a friend and encourage them to join you.

Constance Hall
Team Captain Coordinator and Ravelry Moderator

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