Spinzilla is a global event where teams and individuals compete in a friendly challenge to see who can spin the most yarn in a week!

 To learn more about how the event works, visit our FAQ page.

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Come join in the fun, we don’t want to spin without you!!

If you want to join a team that is listed as full or that you know is a PREPAID team, contact the team captain to see if there are spaces left. Every team has a thread on Ravelry in the Spinzilla Group. Each team captain is listed in the first post of the thread.

5,246,497 yards of yarn spun in 2015

See the results tab for more information on last year’s winners and team totals.


Spinzilla 2016 October 3 – 9  

Spinzilla is held during Spinning and Weaving Week, the first full week in October.